1 08, 2023

Copper Fabrication and Machining: 4 Reasons to Work with Ameritex

2023-08-10T22:58:03+00:00August 1, 2023|Categories: Custom Manufacturing, Precision CNC Machining, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication|

Copper fabrication and machining: yes, we do it!  Ameritex has worked with copper for as far back as we can remember. But many customers don’t realize we provide copper fabrication and machining services until [...]

21 06, 2022

Your Go-To Domestic Source for Machined Pipe Fittings

2023-08-10T22:58:18+00:00June 21, 2022|Categories: Custom Manufacturing, Precision CNC Machining|

As global supply chain issues continue to disrupt the manufacturing industry, fittings like couplings, reducers, and flanges—typically sourced overseas—have become extremely difficult to procure.  While these parts are easy to make, there are limited options [...]

20 12, 2021

Can We Build It? A Visual Tour of Custom Fabrications at Ameritex

2023-08-10T22:58:26+00:00December 20, 2021|Categories: Custom Manufacturing, Laser Welding, Precision CNC Machining, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Tube Laser Cutting|

When potential customers approach us for metal fabrication services, one of the most frequent questions we hear is, “What can you build?” Truthfully, even many of our returning customers still don’t know the full range [...]

8 09, 2021

Leverage CNC Machining Capabilities to Fabricate Better Sheet Metal Assemblies

2023-08-10T22:58:30+00:00September 8, 2021|Categories: Custom Manufacturing, Precision CNC Machining, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication|

When you go to a sheet metal fabrication shop for a complex assembly, chances are at least one part in the assembly (e.g. a threaded bar, a bushing, a custom latching mechanism) will require CNC [...]

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