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1604, 2024

Meet the Team: Plant Manager Adan Sanchez Leads with a Can-Do Attitude

April 16, 2024|Categories: Custom Manufacturing, Precision CNC Machining, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication|

Our Meet the Team series introduces you to the incredible individuals driving Ameritex’s success in providing metal fabrication services. In case you missed it, last month, we spotlighted our leaders, the gentlemen who set standards for excellence at Ameritex. This month, we’re thrilled to spotlight Adan Sanchez, our plant manager.  Finding a Work Family at Ameritex  “I was supposed to be working for NASA, but I landed at Ameritex,” Adan laughs. “No, but seriously, [...]

104, 2024

New Equipment Spotlight: Enhancing Our Copper Fabrication Services

April 1, 2024|Categories: Custom Manufacturing, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication|

Many customers rely on Ameritex for fabricating and machining copper, a material with high thermal and electrical conductivity that is commonly used for electrical applications like busbars and contactors.  To keep up with this demand, we recently added two new machines that are taking our sheet metal fabrication services to the next level.  Considerations for Fabricating Copper  We’ve learned from experience that copper can be difficult to work with on the shop floor. Copper [...]

2103, 2024

Meet the Team: Ameritex’s Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Leaders

March 21, 2024|Categories: Custom Manufacturing|

Ever wonder who makes the magic happen at Ameritex? In our Meet the Team series, we’re pulling back the curtain to spotlight the individuals driving Ameritex’s success. In this piece, we’ll introduce you to four leaders who set high standards of excellence for the rest of the company.  The President and COO: United on a Shared Vision for Success  Jeff Curbo, President Jeff joined Ameritex in 2005, fresh out of Stephen F. Austin State [...]

2202, 2024

The History of Ameritex: Decades of Reliable Metal Fabrication Services

February 22, 2024|Categories: Custom Manufacturing, Precision CNC Machining, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication|

20 years strong and proudly counting, at Ameritex, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary, but did you know that our experience providing metal fabrication services dates back to 1966? Let’s take a trip down memory lane with as we reminisce about the history of Ameritex and share a bit about our vision for the future. The History of Ameritex  In 1966, one of our company’s original founders, Lawrence Fennell, began learning the art of [...]

2102, 2024

Protect Assets in Metal Enclosures with Custom Security Solutions

February 21, 2024|Categories: Custom Manufacturing, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication|

When it comes to custom enclosures, security is paramount. Whether you need a simple latch to secure your enclosure or a complex locking mechanism requiring multiple keys, Ameritex can make it happen. As a shop specializing in custom metal fabrication, we’re proud to offer custom solutions for not only your enclosures but also the security features that keep your assets safe. Standard vs. Custom Security Solutions for Custom Metal Fabrications Many manufacturers use off-the-shelf [...]

1502, 2024

Meet the Team: Alan Jackson, Ameritex’s Longest-Tenured Production Team Member

February 15, 2024|Categories: Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Welding|

We are kicking off our “Meet The Team” series with a gentleman that's grown with us, and gone through a lot of changes at our side. Today, we’re excited to spotlight the production team member with the longest tenure at Ameritex.  Meet Alan Jackson! From US Navy to Welding Supervisor  Alan is a welding supervisor who joined Ameritex in 1985. When asked about his specific roles and responsibilities at Ameritex, this self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades says [...]

2401, 2024

Ameritex Promises Excellence in Powder Coating Services

January 24, 2024|Categories: Finishing|

At Ameritex, we advocate for powder coating services as a superior alternative to wet paint due to benefits such as durability and speed. Our streamlined powder coating system is a game-changer for sheet metal fabrication, eliminating manual processes and enhancing efficiency with an anticipated 30% increase in output per shift and fewer maintenance needs. In this blog we’ll briefly explore the history of powder coating, a few best practices, and how Ameritex’s powder coating [...]

1801, 2024

Case Study: Engineering and Fabricating a Custom Metal Building

January 18, 2024|Categories: Custom Manufacturing, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Welding|

Many customers approach Ameritex seeking custom metal buildings in sizes ranging from 8’ x 8’ to 60’ x 18’ and even bigger with long lists of customizations, including, doors, baffles, partitions, hardware, louvers, platforms, stairs, paint, finishes, gutters, and so on. There’s nothing you can ask us to build that we cannot customize in your buildings, you name it we can make it reality. With our combined in-house engineering and fabricating expertise, we pride ourselves [...]

801, 2024

The Future of Custom Metal Fabrications in 2024 and Beyond

January 8, 2024|Categories: Custom Manufacturing, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication|

As a forward-thinking company, Ameritex is always asking the question: “What’s next?”Never settling with the status quo, we push ourselves to implement the latest and greatest technologies to stay at the forefront of what’s possible in metal fabrication services.  With this approach guiding us, it’s incredible how much can change in just a couple of decades. In 2004, welding a ring on a custom metal fabrication took three grueling hours. Today, thanks to our [...]

1812, 2023

Fast In-House Solutions for Custom Metal Buildings

December 18, 2023|Categories: Custom Manufacturing, Laser Welding, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Tube Laser Cutting, Welding|

When it comes to industrial metal buildings, one size does not fit all. Fortunately, Ameritex is lightyears ahead of the competition in designing and fabricating custom metal buildings for customers nationwide. We tackle each project in-house in its entirety, including:  Creating custom designs approved by a professional engineer (PE)  Laser cutting the metal for each panel  Forming the structures with our press brakes  Welding the pieces together  Painting the completed building  The result? You [...]

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