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2711, 2023

4 FAQs about Our Quick-Turn Tube Laser Cutting Services

November 27, 2023|Categories: Custom Manufacturing, Tube Laser Cutting|Tags: |

Ameritex is excited to provide tube laser cutting services as part of our Fast Lane Parts offering. What does that mean for you? Any part you need laser cut from structural steel can be ready in 3-7 days without expedite fees. (Though we can always expedite parts if you need them even faster.)  We’re sure you have questions, so let’s tackle some FAQs!  1. What types of parts are ideal for this service?  We [...]

1611, 2023

Product Highlight: Control Rooms, Operator Cabins, and Data Vans

November 16, 2023|Categories: Custom Manufacturing, Laser Welding, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Tube Laser Cutting|

Integrators and OEMS often need control rooms, operator cabins, and data vans for applications ranging from fracking to aviation control centers—and Ameritex can deliver these custom metal fabrications. What Are Control Rooms, Operator Cabins, and Data Vans? For anyone who isn’t entirely familiar with these terms, here’s a quick breakdown. Data vans have various functions, often serving as the control center for well sites or other field applications. As a command hub for oil [...]

611, 2023

Get Sheet Metal Parts in 24 Hours with Fast Lane Parts

November 6, 2023|Categories: Custom Manufacturing, Precision CNC Machining, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Tube Laser Cutting|

Since rolling out our Fast Lane Parts initiative in August 2023, Ameritex has completed over 600 Fast Lane orders for metal fabrication services customers. As a quick refresher, Fast Lane Parts is our service offering and solution to slashing lead times for low-volume, low-complexity sheet metal parts. Our Fast Lane Parts services require six steps or less and meet a specific set of criteria. You can see exactly what it takes to qualify for [...]

2710, 2023

How to Share 3D Models for Sheet Metal Assemblies: A Quick Guide

October 27, 2023|Categories: Custom Manufacturing, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication|

Supplying models can be a point of frustration for many of our clients requesting sheet metal fabrication services. We get it. But as a shop that provides these services, we know there are huge benefits to using models correctly. We have a whole series of blog posts dedicated to different aspects of this topic:  When to provide 2D vs. 3D models  The value of 3D models in sheet metal fabrication  How CAD files streamline [...]

2410, 2023

Considerations for NEMA-Rated and UL-Listed Enclosures

October 24, 2023|Categories: Custom Manufacturing, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication|

Fabricating custom enclosures is one of our specialties at Ameritex. We’re a UL 508a-certified shop with a line of UL-listed enclosures. We can also self-certify custom metal fabrications that meet the criteria for a particular National Electrical Manufacturer Association (NEMA) rating.   However, one common misconception is that as a UL-certified shop, we can list any enclosure quickly and easily. Here, we’ll explain the UL testing and approval process and review your options when you [...]

1210, 2023

6 Ways Ameritex Is Improving Lead Times

October 12, 2023|Categories: Laser Welding, Precision CNC Machining, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Tube Laser Cutting|

“Custom metal fabrications in a fraction of the time.”  We pride ourselves on being the fastest custom fabrication option for our customers. That’s why when you visit Ameritex’s homepage,that line is the first thing you’ll see. We’d be lying if we said it was easy. Due to challenges like the pandemic and our own rapid growth, we’ve occasionally struggled in recent years to keep our lead times where we want them. But rather than [...]

2308, 2023

4 Ways Ameritex Supports Assembly and Integration Teams

August 23, 2023|Categories: Custom Manufacturing, Finishing, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication|

We like to make customers' lives easier whenever we can. One way we do that is by supporting customers’ assembly and integration teams with simple solutions that streamline their internal processes. Something as effortless as strategically packaging parts can make a world of difference when it comes time for customers to build their sheet metal assemblies. We’re always happy to have a conversation with you about our approach to your project.  Here are four [...]

1408, 2023

How Cobots Are Enhancing Our Metal Fabrication Services

August 14, 2023|Categories: Laser Welding, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication|

The future is here, and Ameritex is eager to take advantage of innovative technologies that improve the quality and efficiency of our metal fabrication services. Cobots—collaborative robots designed to work with humans in a shared environment—have taken the manufacturing world by storm. So we couldn’t resist installing one of our own.  3 Benefits of Using Cobots in Our Welding Department Cobots have many applications in manufacturing but are commonly used for repetitive tasks like [...]

1008, 2023

Introducing Fast Lane Parts at Ameritex

August 10, 2023|Categories: Custom Manufacturing|

Need your custom fabrications faster than ever before?    As part of our commitment to getting customers their orders in record time, Ameritex is excited to announce a new service we’re calling Fast Lane Parts.    We’ve been working with our partners at BeehiveFund to build out this offering so that we can reduce lead times on low-volume, low-complexity sheet metal parts.    We currently offer a 3-5 day standard lead time for all [...]

108, 2023

Copper Fabrication and Machining: 4 Reasons to Work with Ameritex

August 1, 2023|Categories: Custom Manufacturing, Precision CNC Machining, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication|

Copper fabrication and machining: yes, we do it!  Ameritex has worked with copper for as far back as we can remember. But many customers don’t realize we provide copper fabrication and machining services until they take a shop tour and see the copper projects we’re working on.  It’s time to demystify one of our best-kept secrets with a little show and tell. First, we’ll tell you what makes us a great copper machining and [...]

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