As global supply chain issues continue to disrupt the manufacturing industry, fittings like couplings, reducers, and flanges—typically sourced overseas—have become extremely difficult to procure. 

While these parts are easy to make, there are limited options for sourcing them domestically, leaving many customers in a bind. 

If you’ve hit a wall trying to obtain the fittings you need, Ameritex is here to help. We regularly manufacture custom pipe fittings and modify standard fittings to meet various design specifications. 

Machined Pipe Fittings at Ameritex 

We use readily available bar stock or pipe made from materials like aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and brass to machine custom pipe fittings for customers, particularly for customers with weldments that require fittings that are not readily available due to being an uncommon size.

“Custom” standard machined pipe fittings 

machined pipe fittings

Rather than purchasing an off-the-shelf coupling from overseas and subjecting yourself to a 15-week lead time, come to us, and we’ll make you a custom standard machined pipe fitting much faster. Reach out to discuss the requirements for your fitting and we can review to let you know what we can provide.

Modified standard machined pipe fittings 

We can either purchase or machine standard pipe fittings and modify them according to customer specifications. Typical modifications consist of adding holes or machining the part so that it mates up to another part in an assembly. For instance, we regularly modify drain couplings to custom sizes or cope the ends with a radius to fit a rounded surface.

Completely custom machined pipe fittings 

If you have an unusual application and can’t use a standard or modified standard coupling, we can machine a unique pipe fitting to your precise specifications. 

Our custom pipe fitting services are especially useful for customers who make their own products and rely on us for subassemblies. We’ve also worked with many customers to machine couplings or manifolds from 316 stainless steel, as they are particularly difficult to source at the moment. 

Ameritex always jumps through hoops to help customers solve their toughest manufacturing challenges. If you’re having trouble finding the fittings you need for your project, let us know, and we’ll be happy to assist you. Request a quote to work with us!