Since rolling out our Fast Lane Parts initiative in August 2023, Ameritex has completed over 600 Fast Lane orders for metal fabrication services customers.

As a quick refresher, Fast Lane Parts is our service offering and solution to slashing lead times for low-volume, low-complexity sheet metal parts. Our Fast Lane Parts services require six steps or less and meet a specific set of criteria. You can see exactly what it takes to qualify for this specialty service here

Our entire organization is continuously improving processes to prioritize these quick-turn jobs, and you as our customer reap the benefits.

Implementing New Workflows to Prioritize Fast Lane Requests

We recently implemented new workflows to separate and prioritize Fast Lane Parts RFQs to ensure they do not sit behind quote requests with longer lead times.

Our quoting team has a goal every day to complete all Fast Lane quotes before the close of business. We send most quotes within hours and 99% within 24 hours.

Fast Lane Parts

Fast Lane tube laser cut order

Once we receive an order, our quoting team flags it with a specific Fast Lane designator and color codes it to reflect its priority status. This color-coding system alerts any team member who encounters the order to prioritize it and get it done as quickly as possible. 

Our engineering team is ready to step in immediately and begin production of these parts. They inspect the working files and verify each aspect of the design before completing drafting and programming operations. 

This process has streamlined our ability to tackle Fast Lane Parts jobs and turn them around as quickly as possible. When the Fast Lane Parts program first rolled out, our average time from receiving an order to beginning production was three hours. Now, we’re proud to say that we have reduced that time to an average of 44 minutes. 

We have a 99% rate of completing and sending Fast Lane Parts within 24 hours of receiving an order, though we regularly complete and send these parts the same day due to our incredible efficiency. 

Need Metal Fabrication Services? Take Advantage of Fast Lane Parts

Fast Lane Parts is just another example of how Ameritex is continuously improving our metal fabrication services. You can always count on us to jump through hoops to get you what you need.

Curious if your job qualifies for our Fast Lane Parts service? Check out the full list of qualifications here. Be sure to look for the Fast Lane designation when requesting a quote!