Our Meet the Team series introduces you to the incredible individuals driving Ameritex’s success in providing metal fabrication services. In case you missed it, last month, we spotlighted our leaders, the gentlemen who set standards for excellence at Ameritex. This month, we’re thrilled to spotlight Adan Sanchez, our plant manager. 

plant managerFinding a Work Family at Ameritex 

“I was supposed to be working for NASA, but I landed at Ameritex,” Adan laughs. “No, but seriously, working at Ameritex has been one of my dreams.” He stops to reflect before continuing, “I was a self-employed contractor in the construction industry. I happened to be unemployed when a friend told me about Ameritex. When I first started as a welder, I was expecting a regular job at a regular company, but what I found was amazing. I found a family.” 

Adan is referring to Jeff (the current president of Ameritex), Zack (the current COO of Ameritex), Kenny (the current CEO of Ameritex), and Pawpaw (the founder of Ameritex). Each leadership team member quickly accepted him as one of their own. 

“The team we had was good, it was very promising, so I decided to stay. I thought to myself: I have a lot of friendships, I have a great opportunity to grow, they’re here for me, and I’m here for them,” Adan says. 

A Typical Day for Adan

Adan describes his typical day at Ameritex:

“There’s always something happening here, so I try to get ahead of things and begin by planning my production schedule the day before. The first thing I do when I come in is check on every department to make sure they have everything they need,” Adan explains. If anyone needs anything, he offers support. Then, he’s off to the 8:00 a.m. production meeting.

“I go into my first production meeting, where we prioritize all the jobs that need to be prioritized. We use the due dates to make sure all the jobs are progressing. Every job and every customer is important to us. We want to dedicate as much time as needed to each job because each one contributes to our success,” Adan says. He adds with pride that Ameritex takes care of customers’ products “as if they are our own.” 

Adan continues, “During the meeting, we set the cutting and production schedule for the day. We go into post-production to make sure all jobs are addressed and receive superior attention to detail. After that, I go around the production floor and check on everything again, making sure that there are no emergencies that have arisen.”

By then, it’s lunchtime, and half the day is over. “After lunch, I go back out to the floor to make sure everything is going smoothly. I try to get involved as much as possible with the team to provide the support they need. Sometimes, I’ll meet with customers or vendors who come into the shop and spend time with them,” Adan explains. 

Adan’s Leadership Philosophy: No Such Thing as a Bad Day 

Adan approaches each day with a positive attitude. “For me, there is no such thing as a bad day. There can’t be! Whatever issues I have at home or in my personal life, I must check them at the door because my team needs to get the best from me every day.” 

Like all good leaders, Adan leads by example. “I need to show my team high energy. That’s why I’m always running around every day. The day that they see me with low energy, they’ll think that that’s okay to do. I need to set an example for them and inspire a ‘let’s go’ attitude.”

Adan sees the potential in each employee and wants them to feel motivated to reach that potential. He says, “I want to show them that if they work hard, do the best they can, and show up every day with a can-do attitude, they’ll be able to make it—just like I did. I began from the bottom, and I know that they work their way up, too.” 

plant manager

Adan continues, “We are always faced with adversity and difficulties throughout our lives, so we have to prepare ourselves and have a plan of attack. Every single day, there is a challenge ahead, whether in our personal lives or at work. The key is never to give up. Even when people push you to the side, never give up because that’s the only time you lose.” 

From Adan’s perspective, a positive, welcoming, and encouraging approach helps inspire innovation at Ameritex. He explains, “The people at the top are always open to receiving new ideas and giving a chance to people who have a can-do attitude. I feel like that is a key part of what has brought this successful team together. Zack and Jeff have an innate ability to discover talent and find people who always bring great ideas and perspectives to the team.” 

What Sets Ameritex Apart

“Ameritex is, has been, and will forever be the best anywhere,” Adan expresses. “I know because even though some competitors may perform some metal fabrication services a little faster or a little cheaper than us, customers keep coming back to us. They know we are the absolute best!” 

Adan explains that Ameritex has a customer-centered methodology and ideology, which has been central to the company’s success. “We never say no!” he exclaims. Whatever challenges customers bring, Ameritex finds a way to get them what they need, providing the highest quality possible. 

“We have been blessed to have so many customers and such a diverse clientele that every day is a challenge, so we over-prepare for every scenario possible. It’s all about how we respond to those challenges that dictates our success,” Adan says. 

Adan’s Life Outside the Shop 

When Adan isn’t overseeing the shop, you can find him dancing. “I like bachata, cumbia, merengue, banda—I like all that. I like participating in live music and sharing a beer with friends and family. People don’t know that about me. I’m always working, working, working, so people think I’m a very serious person, but I enjoy having fun, too,” Adan says with a smile. “Invite me to a nice dinner or to spend time with your family, and schedule permitting, I’ll be there. I like spending time with those who want to spend time with me.” 

The Future Is Bright at Ameritex

While Adan doesn’t know exactly what the future holds at Ameritex, he’s excited to be there for it. “I’m proud to be part of the beginning of Ameritex, and very grateful for being able to add a little grain of sand to the mountain that Ameritex is becoming,” Adan expresses. 

Adan is one of many dedicated team members at Ameritex who can’t wait to work on your next project. Request a quote for our metal fabrication services!