Laser Cutting

We have the equipment and capacity to quickly process any thickness from shim stock to 1” thick mild steel or ¾” thick stainless steel and aluminum.


We can accurately bend aluminum, stainless, carbon steel and even plastic from thin gauges up to 1/2″ thick using up to 240 tons of bending force and up to 4 meters long!


We offer a wide range of welding services, including laser welding, MIG and TIG, spot, seam and stitch welding options. We also offer robotic welding for high-volume production.


Our state-ot-the-art equipment quickly and accurately installs hardware such as studs, self-clinching nuts, standoffs, and captive screws.


Ameritex has sheet metal assembly capabilities to get you the assembled parts you need. We have extensive experience in a long list of capabilties to get the job done.


We offer powder coating and conventional coatings systems in-house, and partner with several specialists to offer many other coating technologies to complete your parts.


Ameritex Machine & Fabrication specializes in both industrial and precision sheet metal fabrication services. From laser cutting to forming, deburring, hardware, and finishing, we offer a wide range of capabilities in-house.

We are proud to serve our customers in industries such as automotive, oil and gas, and food and beverage. Our experienced team takes pride in being leaders in their craft, utilizing the world’s most advanced software and equipment, and always putting our customers first.

Let Ameritex be the solution to your precision sheet metal fabrication needs. We respond to all quotes within 24 hours and accept 3D CAD models through our secure quoting platform. We will jump through hoops to get your job done right the first time, on time. Learn about cost-saving strategies in our blog, 3 Ways to Reduce Cost on Your Sheet Metal Fabricated Parts.