“Custom metal fabrications in a fraction of the time.” 

improving lead times

We pride ourselves on being the fastest custom fabrication option for our customers. That’s why when you visit Ameritex’s homepage,that line is the first thing you’ll see.

We’d be lying if we said it was easy.

Due to challenges like the pandemic and our own rapid growth, we’ve occasionally struggled in recent years to keep our lead times where we want them. But rather than accepting defeat, we took the opportunity to make some essential improvements and build a system we can scale as demand for our metal fabrication services continues to increase. 

Key Changes That Have Improved Our Lead Times 

Here are several of the key changes that have enabled us to improve our lead times: 

1. Added estimators and trained engineers to handle influxes of quote requests

As a result of this improvement, our average quote turnaround is less than 24 hours for parts quotes when customers provide 3D models with their RFQ and Less than 48hrs for all quotes.  

2. Established a dedicated team to handle order reviews 

This team not only handles standard contract review duties but also reviews models and drawings to resolve discrepancies before a project reaches engineering and programming. 

3. Streamlined the  process between contract review and programming 

Using our own scheduling system and color-coded job travelers, we’ve worked to ensure that jobs are scheduled strategically—for example, that quick jobs aren’t stuck behind complex jobs through the use of our “fast lane” process.

4. Established visual cues throughout our precision sheet metal fabrication shop 

With visual cues throughout the shop, employees can easily identify the jobs they need to be working on. We have an additional scheduling tool in the works that will display at all workstations and update in real-time. 

5. Developed a solution for finding and retaining skilled labor 

All the operational improvements in the world don’t change the fact that it’s currently hard to find experienced manufacturing employees. Our solution to this problem is to develop a robust training program in partnership with Lone Star College to ensure that we can build a highly competent team as quickly as possible. 

6. Committed to investing in automation wherever possible 

Automation certainly doesn’t replace our skilled team members, but in many cases, it can enhance our metal fabrication services and enable us to achieve faster lead times. Robotic welding and cobots are currently our primary focus, but stay tuned for more exciting announcements pertaining to automation!

When you need fast metal fabrication services, Ameritex is here to deliver. Request a quote, and we’re ready to meet your deadline.