Ameritex’s customers trust us for our unmatched metal fabrication services, but did you know we also have in-house precision machining capabilities? 

We’ve provided CNC machining services since opening our shop in 2004 and, thanks to recent investments in our equipment and staff, are excited to share that we’re adding machining capacity for our valued customers.

Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for laser cutting, precision sheet metal fabrication, and precision machining, so ordering parts from us is the easiest part of your day. 

How You Benefit from Ameritex’s Precision Machining Services 

It’s not uncommon for parts and assemblies to require a combination of sheet metal fabrication services and precision machining services. Here’s how you benefit from partnering with a shop that offers both capabilities under one roof: 

Streamlined processes and communication 

Working with one vendor for your part or assembly is always faster and more cost-effective than working with several vendors. 

Instead of transporting your part to another shop for precision machining services, we simply walk it over to another strategically designated area of our shop, where we leverage lean manufacturing principles to ensure optimum efficiency

Since you’re only relying on one shop to get you the finished product, you have one point of contact, which minimizes back and forth and makes for a smooth, seamless experience. 

Better sheet metal assemblies 

Assemblies have so many moving parts (sometimes literally) that you’re better off having just one shop make all the parts in-house and take full ownership of the working assembly

We’ll make recommendations for modifying parts as needed to get the assembly right the first time and can even test and verify the full working assembly per request. 

The Details: Inside Our Precision Machining Department 

Our recently purchased Haas ST-15 has allowed us to significantly expand our precision machining and turning capacity. This machine has an 8” chuck, 14” diameter turning size, and the ability to bar feed 2.5” diameter stock. It joins a fleet of other top-quality CNC machining equipment on our shop floor, including a Haas VF5 CNC mill, Haas TM-2 tool room mill, Haas TL-2 CNC lathe, and various drilling and tapping stations. 

We hired two new machinists and a programmer to masterfully operate this equipment and keep our machining department running smoothly while we continue to grow. 

If your parts or assemblies check these boxes, they’re great candidates for our combined sheet metal fabrication and precision machining capabilities: 

  • Medium to low-volume runs (up to a few hundred per order) 
  • Materials like aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and alloys 
  • Tolerances down to .0005”
  • Any industry—oil and gas, aerospace, optical, medical, you name it
  • Parts including but not limited to: valve blocks, manifolds, handles, bushings, fasteners, and housings

Ameritex is always willing to jump through hoops to get you the parts you need, and expanding our precision machining capacity is one of the many ways we’re delivering on that promise. Request a quote today!