Integrators and OEMS often need control rooms, operator cabins, and data vans for applications ranging from fracking to aviation control centers—and Ameritex can deliver these custom metal fabrications.

What Are Control Rooms, Operator Cabins, and Data Vans?

For anyone who isn’t entirely familiar with these terms, here’s a quick breakdown.

Control Room

Data vans have various functions, often serving as the control center for well sites or other field applications. As a command hub for oil field operations, a data van typically houses computer servers, networks, and other equipment used to record operations.

Operator cabins are used in multiple industries for applications like dredging, rail, cranes, guard shacks, and more. They are designed to withstand different climatic conditions with the intent of placing operation at the center of the action. 

Control rooms help in monitoring daily operations.They have a wide range of applications from housing a security response tower, monitoring field operations, data centers in different industries like transportation agencies, government entities, military, DOD, and many others.

Common Features

All control rooms, operator cabins, and data vans are custom-built to customers’ specifications. They can be as simple as a one-person enclosure with a window to complex building-size control rooms. 

We can add doors, windows, consoles, chairs, mounts for lights, windshield wipers, and various other elements along with various types of thermal and auditory insulation at the customer’s request. In fact, it would be difficult to find another precision sheet metal fabrication shop that offers such a broad scope of options. 

We’re happy to weatherproof any of these custom metal fabrications.

Aluminum vs. Stainless Steel 

We frequently build data vans, operator cabins, and control rooms from aluminum or stainless steel, depending on the application.  

Our most common structural frames are skinned with aluminum sheet metal, are sprayed foam and lined from the inside. These custom metal fabrications are lightweight, relatively simple to construct, and provide excellent sound attenuation and R-value for the thickness of the walls. Aluminum is best suited for products that operate for long periods at over 70 decibels. While stainless steel has higher heat resistance, aluminum conducts heat better and can dissipate heat about 15 times faster.

We use fully welded stainless steel (or painted steel), a heavier and denser material, for heavy-duty applications when customers need their product to be more like a tank and less like an office. While aluminum can be vulnerable to dents and scratches, stainless steel is less likely to warp or bend, making it ideal for intensive oil field or offshore operations.

Why Choose Ameritex for Control Rooms, Operator Cabins, and Data Vans?

Ameritex has extensive engineering and design knowledge from our many years of experience building these products. We’re a great match for customers who know what they need but aren’t sure exactly how to build it or perhaps you know what you are doing, and need the right partner for your project. Ameritex has you covered.

As a turnkey manufacturer offering a full range of precision sheet metal fabrication services, we’re ready to take designs to completion in-house. We also have a bright and spacious paint booth perfect for large operator cabins, control rooms, and even data vans.

If you need help deciding which material is best suited for your project, check out our guide to common materials. For further assistance, we’re happy to talk to you and get you a quote as soon as you’re ready.