Ameritex is excited to provide tube laser cutting services as part of our Fast Lane Parts offering.

What does that mean for you? Any part you need laser cut from structural steel can be ready in 3-7 days without expedite fees. (Though we can always expedite parts if you need them even faster.) 

We’re sure you have questions, so let’s tackle some FAQs! 

1. What types of parts are ideal for this service? 

We laser cut parts for use in every industry—anything from small intricate internal components to large steel structural beams used for framing buildings. 

Also, don’t let the word “tube” confuse you. We are not limited to cutting just tubes using our tube laser cutting services. We can cut profiles like angles, channels, I-beams, pipe, and custom extrusions

Your part must meet these criteria that are standard for all Fast Lane Services projects

  • Limited part complexity  
  • No welding operations 
  • No complex machining operations
  • Laser cutting time of 24 hours or less for all parts in the job (sheet metal along with structural and tubing)
  • In-stock materials and hardware (5052 aluminum, 6061 aluminum, A36 carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel) 
  • Material thicknesses of 18 gauge to 1” thick for carbon steel and 18 gauge to 0.5” thick for aluminum and stainless steel 

2. What material should I select? 

Any material that is not stock and takes more than a day for us to procure will add to your lead time, so we recommend being strategic in your selection. We’re happy to help you with this process. 

During the quoting stage of your project, our quoting team will ensure material availability before sending the quote. We’ll inform you about readily available alternatives if your requested material is difficult to find.

Other shops typically don’t offer tube laser cutting services for materials like copper, brass, and aluminum, but we’re committed to investing in the latest technology. Our LT8.20 fiber laser can easily handle cutting these metals.

3. What is the standard lead time for these parts? 

Tube Laser Cutting Services

For the most part, all jobs that only require tube laser cutting are classified as Fast Lane Parts. Depending on material availability, complexity, and material density, we can turn most laser cutting projects around within as little as 24 hours if needed.

Our tube laser cutters offer many distinct advantages to help us keep lead times short. When you supply an approved 3D model, we can program your order for manufacturing in as little as five minutes. Machine setup involves loading the program and material, which is generally a 15-minute turnaround, though complex cutting may push setup time to an hour or more.

4. What checks do you have in place to guarantee quality with such fast turnaround times?

At Ameritex, our work speaks for itself, and we genuinely view custom sheet metal fabrication as an art form

During our Fast Lane Parts process, the team member at each step checks the work from the previous steps before continuing manufacturing. Our Quality Assurance team also performs one final inspection before shipping to verify the right processes were followed and all specifications have been met.

We have become a leader in the manufacturing industry not only by investing in our technology and our employees but also by always guaranteeing that our work is of the utmost quality. We will accept nothing less than the best. 

Are you looking to take advantage of our Fast Lane Parts service for laser-cut parts? We’d love to make your life easier. Get a quote today!