Owners and contractors of residential and commercial kitchens or restaurants often struggle to find reliable and consistent custom stainless steel fabrication services. 

KItchen Equipment

In most cases, they end up hiring the first available metalworkers near their location(s) who will come onsite to fabricate and weld products like chairs, bar tables, handrails, and hoods. The problem arises when a customer owns franchises across a wider geographic area. In that case, the customer must source multiple vendors who work independently of each other, which can lead to brand inconsistency (not to mention quality inconsistency!) across locations. 

At Ameritex, we leverage our wide range of sheet metal fabrication services to offer a better solution for owners and contractors in need of stainless steel kitchen and restaurant equipment. 

Residential and Commercial Kitchen Stainless Steel Fabrication

Rather than relying on different sheet metal fabrication vendors in each franchise location, come to Ameritex, and we’ll fabricate custom modular parts that you can install easily into your spaces. We’ll ship the parts pre-assembled or assembled—whichever you prefer. 

Here are a few of the benefits of our approach to fabricating custom stainless steel kitchen and restaurant equipment: 

  • Consistency. Brand consistency is an essential factor for any restaurant chain. When you have just one vendor making all your kitchen and restaurant products, you can be confident that they’ll look the same from Texas to California. Ameritex ensures consistency for everything from dimensions and specifications to paint and finishes.
  • Standardization. Along with consistency comes standardization, which makes it easier to plan the layout of your space and prepare for installations. We make the process of ordering and installing custom stainless steel kitchen and restaurant products as simple as buying an oven or refrigerator—you know the products’ standard dimensions up front, so there are no surprises.
  • Repeatability. We design 3D CAD models of each component before fabrication begins. Having the digitized design files on hand whenever we need them allows us to replicate products quickly and easily.

Common Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment We Make 

Want to know more about the custom stainless steel fabrications we commonly make for residential and commercial kitchen customers? Here’s an (incomplete!) list:

  • Sneeze guards
  • Custom grill stations
  • Chairs and stools
  • Work tables, bar tables, and conference tables
  • Handrails 
  • Signage
  • Menu boards
  • Bar cabinets
  • Hoods
  • Chef counters 

We deliver custom stainless steel fabrications locally and ship them nationwide. If you could use a streamlined process for sourcing stainless steel kitchen and restaurant products, Ameritex is here to help. Request a quote today!