Ameritex works closely with many customers in the solar industry, making everything from battery storage containers and enclosures to piles and racks for mounting panels. If you’re tired of relying on multiple shops to produce the custom fabrications you need for a solar install or farm, come to us, and we’ll fabricate the entire package of parts you need. 

Custom Fabrications for the Solar Industry 

Here’s a list of the parts we commonly make for solar industry customers. Don’t see the part you need here? Get a quote anyway—chances are we can build it

Why Top Companies in the Solar Industry Love Ameritex 

Here are a few key benefits of partnering with us for solar industry parts:

  • Extensive experience. We’ve worked alongside electricians and integrators for generations—in fact, our founders have extensive experience with electrical integration and the panel shop environment. We don’t do the electrical work, but our history of being hands-on with these types of projects has given us the expertise to build custom fabrications that are successful in a variety of electrical applications.
  • Vendor consolidation. Eliminate the headache of sourcing a different vendor for each part you need. Because we fabricate a wide range of parts that solar industry customers need, working with us allows you to consolidate multiple vendors into just one.
  • Opportunities for customization. You could buy some parts, like electrical enclosures, off the shelf, but then you’ll be stuck punching your own holes. When you work with Ameritex, we’ll fabricate custom electrical enclosures with premade cutouts, ensuring high-precision cuts with no exposed edges or surfaces. 
  • Metal work ONLY. Our goal is to be an extension of your panel shop, not a competitor. Let us be your trusted partner for comprehensive sheet metal fabrication services

There’s no shortage of precision sheet metal fabrication shops here in Texas. If you need something made out of metal, you don’t have to look far. But only Ameritex provides the comprehensive solutions that integrators in the solar industry really need. 

Ready to work with us? Request a quote, and we’ll respond within 24 hours.