Custom metal buildings

When it comes to industrial metal buildings, one size does not fit all. Fortunately, Ameritex is lightyears ahead of the competition in designing and fabricating custom metal buildings for customers nationwide. We tackle each project in-house in its entirety, including: 

The result? You receive a completely custom metal building in 12-14 weeks instead of the jaw-dropping 2-year lead time other metal fabrication shops quote customers. 

Types of Custom Metal Buildings

Custom metal buildings come in a wide range of sizes—anywhere from 8’ x 8’ to 60’ x 18’. Our team can add any customizations you require: doors, louvers, baffles—you name it. 

We typically design and fabricate two types of custom metal buildings: 

  1. An enclosure with a skid base and the building attached.
  2. An enclosure without the skid base that functions as a “shell” that the customer can place over their own skid base. Sometimes, we’ll build a skid base for a customer, send it to them to add their equipment, and then send them the enclosure later. 

We meet you where you’re at in the design process

No matter how rough or well-developed your design, our team can meet you where you’re at, thanks to our in-house engineering capabilities. Seriously—you could give us a drawing of a rectangle and tell us where you need your doors, and our capable team could take it from there. We’ll create a design and have our PE give his stamp of approval before moving forward. 

Material Considerations 

As we like to say: “If it’s metal, we can build it.” We primarily use carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel for custom metal buildings. 

The specific material we select is largely dependent on the customer’s requirements. For instance, if the building will experience 150 mph average winds, we’ll use a material with a thick gauge. Our PE will then verify that the thickness is sufficient. 

We also consider factors like metal finishing. If we know we’re going to paint the building, we may use galvanneal, a material comparable to carbon steel, because galvanneal has a coating that promotes superior paint adhesion. 

TDLR Certified 

A significant factor that sets us apart from competitors in our area of Texas is that we’re approved to manufacture TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation) certified units. Any occupied structure in the state of Texas must be certified, and we have the resources to ensure that each custom metal building we create has the required specifications.

Get Custom Metal Buildings from Ameritex Custom Metal Buildings

Ameritex works with customers nationwide to design and fabricate custom metal buildings, so even if you aren’t in Texas like us, let’s talk. Request a quote to get started on your next project!