Sheet metal work is everywhere. Case in point: when you marvel at the famous water fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, custom metal enclosures built by Ameritex house the motors that shoot out the water. 

Ameritex has vast experience building custom metal enclosures for any and every application in any and every industry. Our artisans have mastered the art of crafting custom metal enclosures of all sizes that adhere to unique specifications and requirements—and we can deliver your enclosure fast due to our wide range of in-house capabilities. 

Let’s explore how our tailored solutions save you time and money while ensuring the utmost quality. 

Bridging the Gap between Design and Manufacturing 

No matter where you are in the design process for your custom metal enclosure, Ameritex can jump right in and provide valuable support. Customers often approach us with a concept for our in-house engineers to assess. Our engineers will make any necessary design modifications toensure the enclosure is exactly what the customer needs for their end-use application. 

Custom Metal Enclosure

Considering the end-use application 

Many custom metal enclosures must withstand harsh environments at locations like refineries, factories, water treatment plants, and offshore rigs. At Ameritex, we consider factors like the following when designing and inspecting enclosures: 

  • What type and gauge of metal is ideal for the application? 
  • What kind of paint should be used? (Fun fact: we have great anti-graffiti paint options for touch-screen kiosks.) 
  • What handles are necessary for the enclosure? 
  • Does the enclosure need louvers to breathe? 
  • Should the enclosure be corrosion-resistant? 
  • Should the enclosure be coated for electric shocks? 
  • Does the enclosure need to be submersible or fireproof? 

Our depth of experience empowers us to answer these questions and more quickly and easily so that we can provide customers with the right recommendations and solutions. 

In-House NEMA and UL Testing Capabilities 

Not all metal fabrication shops have the capabilities to fabricate and test complex custom metal enclosures completely in-house. But Ameritex does, thanks to our wide range of in-house metal fabrication services and our NEMA and UL 508a-certified status. Keeping an entire project under our roof allows us to guarantee unbeatable costs and lead times. 

We take what we like to call the “Frankenstein’s box” approach to getting UL-listed designs tested and pre-approved. We build the biggest and most complex enclosure possible and send it off for testing and approval. Once that enclosure has been approved, any smaller and less complex enclosure is subject to automatic approval, ensuring an incredibly fast turnaround. 

In the event that your desired enclosure falls outside the scope of one of our pre-approved UL-listed designs, we can manage getting it UL-listed for you or suggest design modifications to bring your enclosure within the scope of approval. 

Get a Custom Metal Enclosure 

Ameritex is here and ready to take on any custom metal enclosure project you send our way—no matter the size, specifications, industry, or end-use application. 

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