Does your next part or product require metal tubes or structural members? Find a shop with tube laser cutting services and you’ll benefit from the precision, efficiency, and flexibility that this innovative manufacturing process has to offer.

What is Tube Laser Cutting?

Tube laser cutting is exactly what it sounds like: a machining process used for cutting tubes of various shapes to specified lengths or for lasering patterns into tubes. This automated process is much faster and more precise than the common alternative: sawing through tubes or manually drilling holes.

Tube laser cutting has many applications across all industries. One of our recent customers, for example, builds welding tables. After wasting dozens of hours sawing and drilling hundreds of table legs, he was blown away when he saw our tube laser cutting machine. He couldn’t believe there was such a productive way to cut tube legs, and that his local custom metal fabrication shop had this capability all along!

6 Advantages of Tube Laser Cutting

When it comes to cutting metal tubes and other structural shapes, a manufacturer with tube laser cutting services can offer these key benefits:

  • Speed. Any opportunity to automate a process not only reduces the time it takes to cut your parts, it allows for faster lead times as well.
  • Precision. Known for its precision, tube laser cutting is ideal for complex parts. When cutting intricate pieces into tubes so that they fit against each other—a process known as coping—it’s important to have a machine that can handle any type of cut. With a tube laser cutting machine, we’re not limited to 45 or 90-degree cuts. Instead, we can cut any type of shape into the end of the tube—whether it’s circular, diagonal, or something else entirely.
  • Efficiency. Because tube laser cutters are so precise, additional processes are often unnecessary. This level of efficiency streamlines many projects, such as performing tabbing operations to mark locations for welders. Pre-cutting holes in structural tubing is also conducive to fastening operations.
  • Flexibility. If you need a flexible part, a tube laser cutter can cut bends into the tube to provide a wide range of motion.
  • Custom branding. Tube laser cutters don’t just cut the ends of tubes, they also laser patterns and designs onto a piece of tubing. Want your branding featured on any (or every) part? Ameritex can make it happen!
  • Competitive pricing. Precision, speed, and efficiency are all factors that cut costs, making tube laser cutting a cost-effective alternative to sawing and drilling.

Do you need tube laser cutting services for your part or product? Our BLM LT8 tube laser cutting machine is one of the most flexible and precise structural cutting machines on the market. Request a quote and we’ll respond within 24 hours!