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Laser cutting

Laser Cutting

Our Amada FLCAJ 4000-watt Fiber Laser Automation System carries 10 pallets of material in a programmable tower and automatically feeds the laser for non-stop efficiency and lights out operation.

Cutting capabilities:

  • Mild steel up to .875” thick
  • Stainless steel up to .709” thick
  • Aluminum up to .630” thick
  • Copper up to .315” thick
  • Brass up to .315” thick

Exotic material cutting available upon request.

Our Amada 4222 FOMII 6000 watt laser is perfect for thick cutting applications where edge quality is crucial.

Cutting capabilities:

  • Mild steel up to 1” thick
  • Stainless steel up to .750” thick
  • Aluminum up to .750” thick
Laser tube cutting

Laser Structural Cutting

Due to an efficient automatic loading and unloading system, the productivity of the LT8 is unparalleled. The automatic nesting software, combined with the reduced end bar scrap, helps to exploit the available material.

Our BLM LT8 excels as the most flexible and precise structural cutting machine on the market. Equipped with a tilting head, it allows 3D cutting on all sections, including open and special profiles. It can cut tube diameters from ½” to 8” and a bar weight up to 24Lb/FT.

For heavier structural cutting applications, we have added a Mazak Fabrigear 400 III allowing us to cut materials with wall thicknesses approaching 3/4″ and pipe up to 16″ diameter 


CNC Press Brake Forming

Our Amada HG 2204 ATC is a 240-ton press brake and has a 14-foot maximum bend length.

Features include:

  • Automatic tool changer
  • Bend angle detection
  • Programmable work supports for large parts
  • Touch screen console with full 3D part renderings for operator use

Amada HG 1003 ATC is a 100-ton press brake and has a 10-foot maximum bend length.

Features include:

  • Automatic tool changer
  • Bend angle detection
  • Touch screen console with full 3D part renderings for operator use

With the recent addition of an LVD Strippit 135/30 and 220/40, we have doubled our automated bending capacity.


CNC Punching

Our EMK 3610 from Amada allows us to punch standard geometric shapes at very high speeds. This machine also has the ability to form shapes into sheet metal such as louvers, extrusions, embosses and even threads. 

Marvel saw

Saw Cutting

Through the use of multiple Marvel Band saws with a capacity of 15X20″ we can efficiently cut your large profiles utilizing overhead cranes and automatic in-feed technology. 


Sheet and Plate Rolling

Using our Davi and Imcar plate rolls, we can roll parts up to 6ft or 1/2″ thick.

Using a CNC programmable controller, we can roll cylinders, cones, or custom geometries!


CNC Machining

As a complimentary service, we offer light CNC milling and turning services.

  • Haas VF5 CNC Mill
  • Haas TM-2 Tool Room Mill
  • Haas TL-2 CNC Lathe
  • Various Drilling/Tapping Stations

Hardware Insertion

Our Haeger 824 Window Touch hardware machine installs self-clinching nuts, studs, standoffs and captive screws quickly and accurately. The auto-feed and color-coded touch screen programming system provide quality control and easy operation, visually showing the operator exactly where to install each type of fastener.

laser welding services


With a variety of welding procedures in place, our 16 Mig & Tig bays allow us to easily set up for various parts and products. Our 78” reach welding robot allows us to automatically weld large assemblies and small parts with perfect accuracy and quality.

AMADA Spot welder

Spot Welding

We offer spot welding services as an economical way of joining sheet metal parts and reliable method of attaching fasteners to sheet metal.

  • Amada TS-86k dual arm table top spot welder
  • Amada ID 40 tradition spot welder

Both machines have the ability to spot weld aluminum!


Powder Coating

Today’s most advanced system of high-performance coatings, Ameritex offers custom matched colors to your specifications.

  • Surface Preparation
    • Blast Booth with media recovery system
    • Chemical conversion coatings with dry steam phosphatizing
  • Coatings
    • Powder Coating
    • 2 coat / 3 coat wet paint systems
  • (2) Booths—12’W x 25’D in dedicated coatings building
  • (2) Curing Ovens—12’W x 25’D
  • (1) Conventional spray booth 20’W x 50’D


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