If you were to Google, “Can I punch copper on a punch press?”, you’d see articles about turret presses instead of traditional punch presses. 

A traditional punch press grips a metal sheet on one side and moves back and forth as the tooling comes down. In contrast, a turret press (also known as a turret punch) offers significantly more support, allowing us to feed copper bars through easily and achieve highly precise features. 

Ameritex recently invested in a VaskiPUNCH series turret press that we’re exclusively dedicating to copper parts like busbars along with our brand new Euromac Digibend 800 CNC press brake.

Benefits of the VaskiPUNCH Turret Press for Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication 

The VaskiPUNCH turret press enables incredible efficiency, precision, and quality, which are all paramount when providing precision sheet metal fabrication services.

Before investing in this machine, we’d cut each copper bar with a laser cutter or band saw and manually place each bar into a CNC machine to drill holes. We’d have to drill the holes slowly to avoid damaging the ductile copper. 

Now, we can feed full copper bars directly into the VaskiPUNCH turret press, which provides cutting and punching operations simultaneously for optimal speed and precision.

Automatic bar loading system 

The VaskiPUNCH’s automatic bar loading system further improves not only speed and precision but also overall quality by minimizing contact between a copper bar and human hands. 

Oil from human hands can damage the delicate surface of a copper bar, requiring secondary processes like buffing that may compromise the material’s conductivity. The automatic bar loading system reduces manual material handling, resulting in a higher-quality end product. 

Get Copper Parts FAST 

The VaskiPUNCH turret press prepares copper bars for bending, which we perform with our Euromac Digibend 800 CNC press brake just six feet away on our shop floor. These two new machines empower us to produce top-quality busbars and other copper parts faster than ever before. 

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