copper fabrication

Many customers rely on Ameritex for fabricating and machining copper, a material with high thermal and electrical conductivity that is commonly used for electrical applications like busbars and contactors. 

To keep up with this demand, we recently added two new machines that are taking our sheet metal fabrication services to the next level. 

Considerations for Fabricating Copper 

We’ve learned from experience that copper can be difficult to work with on the shop floor. Copper is a highly reflective material that can easily damage laser lenses in sheet metal fabrication equipment. It’s also soft and malleable, making it difficult for shops to achieve the precision specifications customers often need.

Many shops providing sheet metal fabrication services may avoid copper for these reasons, but not Ameritex. Rather than shying away from copper fabrication challenges, Ameritex devised a solution: purchasing specialized machines to help us fabricate copper parts with better speed and precision. 

VaskiPUNCH for Sheet Metal Punching

copper fabrication - Vaski

Vaski is a Finnish company renowned for providing busbar fabrication solutions that reduce energy consumption by up to 90% and maintenance time and cost by an average of 50%.

We recently invested in one of the VaskiPUNCH series machines. Boasting the most versatile flexible tooling system on the market, the VaskiPUNCH is quick and easy to set up, allowing for faster fabrication. The servo-motors are capable of punching precise holes and shapes into 20 mm material.

Euromac Digibend 800 CNC for Sheet Metal Bending

Copper fabrication

Like the VaskiPUNCH, the Digibend is designed for fabricating copper busbars. This powerful and versatile press brake enables horizontal bending on a flatbed, offering these key advantages: 

  1. Extreme precision resulting from laying the part on a flat surface instead of referencing against two small fingers. 
  2. The ability to bend a close loop, potentially reducing the need for welding to save time on copper fabrication projects.

We also anticipate leveraging this machine’s capabilities to bend non-copper materials when parts could benefit from horizontal bending. 

Trust Ameritex for Copper Fabrication 

Ameritex is always working to improve our sheet metal fabrication services, and that means continuously upgrading to the latest and greatest machines. If you need a busbar or a different type of copper part, we’re ready to put our expertise and equipment to work for you. 

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