Ever wonder who makes the magic happen at Ameritex? In our Meet the Team series, we’re pulling back the curtain to spotlight the individuals driving Ameritex’s success. In this piece, we’ll introduce you to four leaders who set high standards of excellence for the rest of the company. 

The President and COO: United on a Shared Vision for Success 

Alan Jackson 12

Jeff Curbo, President

Jeff joined Ameritex in 2005, fresh out of Stephen F. Austin State University with a Business Management degree. With minimal precision sheet metal fabrication industry experience at the time, he worked his way through learning the shop’s processes and machines with an eye toward sales and management. 

When Kenny eventually stepped down, he offered Jeff the role of President, confident it would be a smooth transition due to Jeff’s experience at Ameritex—and he was right. These days, Jeff focuses less on the shop’s day-to-day and more on bigger-picture strategy and operations. 

Jeff enjoys seeing a job go from the quoting stage all the way through to delivery. He derives immense satisfaction from impressing customers and exceeding their expectations in timeframes other shops find “unrealistic.” 

In Jeff’s spare time, he enjoys spending time with family and playing golf. 

Zack Fennell, COO

leaders - Zack

Zack’s family has been manufacturing custom fabrications since 1966. His grandfather founded Ameritex, and his Father Kenny took over in 2004. Zack began working at the company as a welder when he was in high school. He worked his way around the shop through college, obtaining a BS in Manufacturing Engineering from Texas State University. 

When Zack graduated in 2013, it was only natural for him to join Ameritex full-time. It was at this time that Zack became more heavily involved in the shop’s processes and stepped into the COO position he holds today. 

In Zack’s free time, you can find him spending time with his family, watching his kids grow, and—yes—thinking about Ameritex. 

Zack and Jeff’s vision for success 

Since Zack and Jeff have been running Ameritex together, they’ve worked to grow the company exponentially. Through continuous investments in people, training, software, automation, and machinery, they’ve successfully transformed Ameritex from a mom-and-pop shop to one of the fastest and most convenient precision sheet metal fabrication shops in the world. 

Zack and Jeff share a problem-solving mentality and thrive in the face of a challenge. They are committed to pulling rabbits out of hats to make customers happy and build life-long partnerships. That commitment shines through and trickles down throughout the rest of the company. 

The Sales Manager and Lead Engineer: Leading the Way to Excellence  

Victor Hernandez, Sales Managerleaders - Victor

Victor began his career in manufacturing as a punch press operator and worked his way up to area manager in a different shop, where he ran a few departments. 

In 2006, Victor joined Ameritex as a Production Manager, then began serving as an Account Manager in 2009 before stepping into the Sales Manager role in 2016. 

Victor loves to see Ameritex using the latest and greatest technology to provide precision sheet metal fabrication solutions faster than any other shop. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf. 

Jason Thomas, Lead Engineer

leaders - jason

Jason began his career when started working at a welding shop where he taught himself TIG welding. 

Jason then worked at Ameritex as a TIG welder for two years, proving himself a skilled team member with limitless potential. Zack took note of Jason consistently marking up blueprints and making design and process improvements, so he offered him a position as an engineer. Jason took the opportunity and ran with it. 

Now, ten years later, Jason is Ameritex’s Lead Engineer. He has been instrumental in introducing automation into Ameritex’s processes, including installing a cobot in the shop’s welding department. He looks forward to helping the company continue to grow and expand and filling the shop with a steady stream of bright new engineers.

Jason is responsible for the following quote: “Don’t tell me something can’t be done because I’ll show you how to do it.” That describes his attitude and mindset perfectly.

When Jason is not busy working and designing solutions for complex problems, he spends his time with his treasured wife and kids. 

Ameritex: Where Passion Meets Prowess 

Zack, Jeff, Victor, and Jason love what they do and are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in precision sheet metal fabrication. Their passion and prowess inspire everyone at Ameritex to do their best work day in and day out. 

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