When it comes to custom enclosures, security is paramount. Whether you need a simple latch to secure your enclosure or a complex locking mechanism requiring multiple keys, Ameritex can make it happen. As a shop specializing in custom metal fabrication, we’re proud to offer custom solutions for not only your enclosures but also the security features that keep your assets safe.

Standard vs. Custom Security Solutions for Custom Metal Fabrications

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Many manufacturers use off-the-shelf hardware for latches and other locking mechanisms. While Ameritex is happy to use off-the-shelf hardware if that’s your preference, we find that most customers prefer custom security solutions. 

Think about it: if someone wants to break into an enclosure, it’s easiest for them to do so when they encounter a mass-manufactured off-the-shelf latch they’ve seen before. Alternatively, Ameritex’s in-house engineers can design and embed a custom security solution into your enclosure—a solution that functions more reliably than a standard piece of hardware. 

Examples of Custom Security Solutions in Metal Enclosures 

While many of our security solutions focus on prohibiting physical access to the contents of an enclosure, we’re also adept at designing weatherproofing features that protect assets from the elements, such as heavy rain, snowfall, salt water, and wind.

Our highly experienced team can take on almost any project that comes our way, but here are a few examples of recent projects we’ve worked on involving custom security solutions for metal enclosures.

  • When one customer’s preexisting latch system failed, they came to Ameritex to redesign and remanufacture a better solution capable of withstanding more wear and tear.
  • If you have a pickup truck with a custom enclosure mounted to the truck bed, Ameritex can design and embed various latches and opening mechanisms as well as other necessary features like louvers to ensure proper ventilation.
  • When a custom metal enclosure must withstand the elements, we include features such as interlocking panels that strengthen the enclosure and keep water from entering. 

Rigorous quality control 

Our commitment to quality drives everything we do at Ameritex. When designing custom security solutions, we test each and every piece of the system to ensure it functions properly. Our quality assurance team works rigorously to ensure that every aspect of the enclosure meets exact specifications and high quality standards. 

Come to Ameritex for Custom Metal Enclosures 

Partnering with Ameritex for custom metal fabrications means having a team of seasoned engineering and manufacturing experts on your side who are thinking about every critical aspect of your project from beginning to end. 

If you want to be confident that the assets in your metal enclosure are protected, Ameritex can give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. 

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