We are kicking off our “Meet The Team” series with a gentleman that’s grown with us, and gone through a lot of changes at our side. Today, we’re excited to spotlight the production team member with the longest tenure at Ameritex. 

Meet Alan Jackson!


From US Navy to Welding Supervisor 

Alan is a welding supervisor who joined Ameritex in 1985. When asked about his specific roles and responsibilities at Ameritex, this self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades says with an infectious laugh, “My role? I try to be nice here.” 

Before beginning his tenure at Ameritex, Alan completed six years in the US Navy, serving as a boiler technician aboard ships. “When the shop was brand new, I tried to get hired at Ameritex, but I was told that I wasn’t good enough and should come back a year later,” Alan recalls. He took this feedback to heart. After gaining a year of experience welding Chrysler seats, Alan joined the Ameritex family, and the rest is history. 

Alan’s Take on the Past, Present, and Future of Ameritex

Alan is proud to have witnessed such an extensive history of Ameritex: where the company started, where it is today, and where it’s heading in the future. “We are very streamlined,” he shares. “We grew from a small mom-and-pop shop into a very advanced shop that still holds the spirit of a small company.” 

When asked for his take on the future of Ameritex, Alan says with a smile, “We’re going to be real sound and solid. Ameritex has never put its eggs in one basket.” What he means is that Ameritex is a custom metal fabrication shop that caters to all industries, working with diverse customers ranging from the United States Armed Forces to small local companies. 

“We are everywhere,” Alan remarks proudly, referring to the vast array of sheet metal parts Ameritex has fabricated over the years. “I’ve seen so many projects come and go through our shop. It really is impressive.” 

When You Work at Ameritex, You Become Family

Impressive capabilities and custom metal fabrications aside, Alan says one big factor that sets Ameritex apart is the feeling of being part of a family—even amid tremendous growth—which keeps employees happy and reduces turnover. “I still feel like I’m working for Paw Paw,” Alan says, referring to the company’s late founder, Lawrence Fennell. 

He fondly remembers working for “the big man.” “Heck, I remember starting at 7 a.m. and not going home until 1 or 2 a.m. But Paw took care of us. He’d be making biscuits and tomato gravy in the kitchen, and he would yell at us to come in and get some food.” 

That feeling of belonging is what motivates Alan to keep showing up and doing his very best work year after year. 

He recalls asking Lawrence one day if he was proud of all he had accomplished with Ameritex. Lawrence replied, “All I do is pay the bills. You should be the one patting yourself on the back.” 

“That man was great!” Alan exclaims. “When I found out he passed, I was asked to be a pallbearer at his funeral. I was confused because I thought a family member should have that honor, but I was told that Lawrence wanted a working man to carry him, and that’s what I was.” 

When Alan isn’t working, he enjoys going for long drives, gardening at home, and embracing quiet time. “That’s my thing: I like the quiet,” he says. 

Words of Praise for Alan 

As much as Alan appreciates Ameritex, the feeling is entirely mutual. Here’s what Ameritex’s team had to say about Alan:

“HE IS AMERITEX! That man can weld! He went from feeding and welding the old school way, and adapted to how we do things. That is hard to do. He’s got Ameritex so deep in his heart, He’s honest, dependable, and most importantly loyal.”  – Adan S.

“I love that guy, he’s a hoot!” – Jaiden K.

“He’s one of those guys that’s always giving 110%. His last name is Ameritex. He’s always fostering new employees & gives them extra attention to make them better. He never misses (work days), he’s never late, and he’s always available. I think he’s the most dedicated guy on the floor.”  – Jose A.

“He’s a smooth worker. He doesn’t jump in without having a plan, and always double checks himself.”  – Learie H.

“He’s forgotten more about welding than most of us will learn, he’s probably a member of the 10,000th-hour club”  – Gunner S.

Some of the team members that he’s mentored said:

“Alan’s a very knowledgeable man, I respect him & look at him as a father figure.”

“He pushes you to make you better. He’ll challenge us to make us more confident. I like Alan, he’s always helped me grow”

“I’m thankful that Alan showed me how to become better. Even though sometimes he may be short-tempered, I know that he does it, because he cares so much about doing things right.”


Happy Employees = Quality Custom Metal Fabrications

Ameritex knows retaining happy long-term employees is a big key to success in manufacturing. Team members like Alan bring a wealth of knowledge and experience and take immense pride in their work, leading to the highest quality custom metal fabrications.

Stay tuned for the next installment of our Meet the Team series, and don’t hesitate to request a quote for your next project!