At Ameritex, we advocate for powder coating services as a superior alternative to wet paint due to benefits such as durability and speed. Our streamlined powder coating system is a game-changer for sheet metal fabrication, eliminating manual processes and enhancing efficiency with an anticipated 30% increase in output per shift and fewer maintenance needs. In this blog we’ll briefly explore the history of powder coating, a few best practices, and how Ameritex’s powder coating capabilities have grown and continue to positively impact your projects. 

A Brief History of Powder CPowder coatingoating

The journey of powder coating began in the 1940s. Initially, it was a rudimentary process involving flame spraying plastic powder onto metal substrates. However, the real turning point came in the 1960s with the development of the electrostatic process, which revolutionized powder coating. The method involved electrically charging powder particles and spraying them onto grounded parts, leading to a more uniform, durable, and efficient coating process.

Revolutionizing Our Powder Coating Capabilities

Innovation is at the core of our mission. Recently, we’ve taken a giant leap forward with the integration of a cutting-edge powder coating system. Our investment in a 20’ Rohner Batch Non-Reclaim Powder Coating Booth, Empire blast booth, and GAT gas-fired oven signifies our commitment to serving clients with unparalleled efficiency. 

We also recently purchased a new portable blast pot to maximize pressure from the air compressor all the way to the blast hose. It’s designed to protect your parts and our team from fast-moving particles that could otherwise cause damage and compromise operator safety. 

A continuous pursuit of excellence

Our journey doesn’t end with investing in new technology; we aim to continuously pursue excellence across our sheet metal fabrication shop. 

As we optimize our precision sheet metal fabrication services, our enhanced powder coating department guarantees scalable capacity across all finishing operations. This investment is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement and a brighter future for our customers.

Understanding Powder Coating

So, what exactly is powder coating? It’s a finishing process wherein a powder material, typically a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin, is electrostatically charged and sprayed onto a surface. The charged powder particles adhere to the electrically grounded surfaces until the powder is heated and fused into a smooth coating in a curing oven.

Why Choose Powder Coating Services over Wet Paint?

A common question customers have is, Why choose powder coating over wet paint?” Here are a few reasons: 

1. Fast turnaround

Bid farewell to waiting for paint to dry. Powder coating is a comparatively fast process—we simply apply the powder, set it in a high-temperature oven, and it’s ready for shipment. No extensive drying time required.

2. Environmentally friendly

Customers who prioritize ESG will appreciate that powder coating is an eco-friendly solution. With no VOCs or caustic elements, powder coating presents a greener alternative to wet paint. This benefit, combined with our low-waste powder disposal, reinforces our team’s commitment to sustainable practices.

3. Durable finish

When durability is paramount, powder coating outshines wet paint. The longevity of powder coating is unmatched, offering robust protection.

Best Practices in Powder Coating

To achieve the best results in powder coating, it’s essential to adhere to a few best practices:

  1. Surface Preparation: Proper preparation is crucial. Surfaces must be clean and free of oils, dirt, and grease. Various methods like sandblasting, chemical pretreatments, or phosphating are used to ensure the surface is ready for coating.
  2. Appropriate Application: Achieving the right thickness of the powder coat is vital. Too thin, and it won’t provide adequate protection; too thick, and it might lead to surface irregularities.
  3. Curing Process: Adhering to the specified curing schedule, which includes the temperature and duration, is critical for durability. Incorrect curing can compromise the coating’s physical properties.
  4. Quality Control: Regular checks, including adhesion tests and thickness measurements, ensure the coating process meets the required standards.

Tailored Powder Coating Solutions for Various Needs

Powder coating is a versatile solution available in countless colors, including custom shades to match company colors and even help with energy efficiency. Finish types range anywhere from super matte to high-gloss, different textures like rough, smooth, metallic, and even special effects like reflective, pearlescent, and even graffiti resistance.

While we are huge advocates of powder coating at Ameritex, we understand its limitations. For applications demanding optimal corrosion resistance, such as offshore and coastal applications, we are happy to offer alternative solutions, such as layering on wet paint and exploring other finishing methods. 

Finishing and Powder Coating Mastery

We’re proud to say that our skills extend beyond powder coating services. In 2022, we introduced two batch rail-fed powder lines, revolutionizing efficiency with a comprehensive system comprising blasting, washing, coating, and curing stations. 

No matter your finishing specification, our in-house capabilities, supplemented by a network of reliable partners, ensure we meet and exceed expectations.

Embark on a journey of excellence with Ameritex’s powder coating prowess. Explore our powder coat color chart and request a quote to experience the epitome of quality and efficiency in custom fabrications. Your success is our innovation!