We like to make customers’ lives easier whenever we can. One way we do that is by supporting customers’ assembly and integration teams with simple solutions that streamline their internal processes. Something as effortless as strategically packaging parts can make a world of difference when it comes time for customers to build their sheet metal assemblies. We’re always happy to have a conversation with you about our approach to your project. 

Here are four common ways we make life easier for assembly and integration teams. 

1. Kitting and Packaging 

Assembly and Integration

Sheet metal fabricators typically package like parts together. But as you know, when a sheet metal assembly has dozens of parts or subassemblies that you’ll need to bolt together at your facility, opening a pallet of each part and “kitting” them together yourself can be time-consuming.

That’s where we come in. 

Simply tell us which parts you’d like on the same pallet or skid. We’ll package and group them so your team only has to grab one pallet to start building your sheet metal assemblies

The cost of this offering is minimal for us—usually 1-2 hours of labor and some extra pallets—but the benefit on the receiving end is huge. 

2. Hardware 

Need specific hardware for your sheet metal assembly? We can provide a convenient hardware kit. When your team opens their kitted assembly, they’ll find a box or vacuum-packed bag with all the necessary hardware included. 

Relying on Ameritex to source and provide your hardware can help you reduce inventory and consolidate vendors and purchase orders for a more streamlined experience. 

3. Mechanical Sub-Assembly 

There are mechanical sub-assembly steps we can take to simplify shipping, reduce the risk of damage incurred during shipping, and save your assembly and integration team valuable time. For example, you might ask us to mount copper busbars in your enclosures, bolt on cover plates, or even mount your product to a temporary base so it stands upright. 

In addition to saving you time, entrusting your mechanical sub-assembly needs to our team allows us to proactively identify issues and ensure parts are functional before leaving our shop. 

4. Coatings and Gaskets 

We regularly provide finishing services that we perform in-house or coordinate via a network of trusted vendors. Let us take this logistical headache off your plate so you can consolidate vendors and POs. 

As an additional benefit, if we handle the coating, we can pre-install gaskets, insulation, and other items that can only be completed post-coating. 

Simple Solutions for Sheet Metal Assemblies 

Not all projects require these additional services. If you just need us to laser cut parts and ship them to you ASAP, we’re happy to accommodate straightforward requests. However, we acknowledge that our relationships with customers are only as good as the value we provide. To that end, we’re open to discussing solutions to more complex projects. 

If you’re looking for ways to improve efficiency on your end for a minimal additional cost, reach out. Let’s discuss how Ameritex can make your life easier!