Ameritex invests in not only world-class equipment but also the best tooling to use that equipment to its fullest potential. Just recently, we acquired our first set of Rolla V dies for our press brakes. Although our selection is small for now, we intend to grow the range of die sizes we offer to meet customer demand.


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Punches and Dies: Understanding Press Brake Tooling 


Press brakes leverage two sets of tools—punches on the top and dies on the bottom—to bend and fold sheet metal into custom fabrications. The punch forces the workpiece into the die to produce the desired shape. Punch and die tooling must work together to perform high-quality, accurate bends.


While there are many types of press brake dies, V-dies are by far the most common. As the name implies, these types of dies have V-shaped grooves capable of bending at various angles. With Rolla V tooling the set up time does increase, but the ability to manufacture parts not able to be bent on standard V dies can easily outweigh this added time.


4 Benefits of Using Rolla V Dies for Custom Fabrications 



We chose to invest in a set of Rolla V dies for a few key reasons:


1. Smaller flanges


With Rolla V dies, it is possible to obtain an accurate bend without deformation with very small profile sides, enabling us to bend flanges that would normally not reach across a traditional die.


2. Mark-free edges 


The Rolla V dies’ inserts support the sheet during the entire sheet metal bending process, meaning the sheet never rubs against the entry radii of the slot like it would with a conventional die. As a result, there are minimal marks on the sheet and minimal signs of bending.


3. Reduced deformation when bending profiles with holes or slots close to the bend


When using conventional dies to make profiles with edges that shrink nearer to the end of the workpiece, the final part of the fold may remain noticeably open and slip into the slot. The Rolla V dies’ inserts constantly support the oblique cut sheet edges almost to the bend line, reducing profile deformation to the point that it is often unnoticeable.


4. Minimal post-processing 


Profiles may require costly polishing operations post-bending to ensure an acceptable aesthetic appearance. Because Rolla V dies leave minimal signs of bending, we can work to eliminate these extra processing steps, saving customers time and money.


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At Ameritex, we always go the extra mile to improve our sheet metal fabrication services. If you have a custom fabrication project that could benefit from Rolla V die tooling, reach out, and we can discuss the process in more detail!