Ameritex is excited to share that we are entering into an agreement with Lone Star College to develop a training curriculum and formal manufacturing training classes accessible to all our employees. Lonestar 1

This partnership will give employees the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of our precision sheet metal fabrication shop and receive thorough training at our neighboring Lone Star campus here in Conroe, Texas.


When approved, this program will offer free training courses to our employees in critical areas such as safety, welding, blueprint reading, and many more subjects, ensuring their ability to grow within our organization and provide superior services to our customers.


About This Training Initiative 


This training initiative wouldn’t be possible without the support of our friends at BeehiveFund, a nonprofit management consulting organization that has been helping us implement lean manufacturing principles and practices. The idea to partner with Lone Star College came from BeehiveFund, and they forged an introduction.


After discussing different options, we decided to offer a series of 1,500 free training hours for any interested employee. Classes will be held in Lone Star College classrooms on their campus across the street from our precision sheet metal fabrication shop during work hours so as not to disrupt our employees’ work-life balance. Additionally, there will be periodic training sessions held in our shop to prepare learners for real-world scenarios.


Upskilling employees improves retention and productivity 


As the manufacturing industry faces ongoing labor challenges, shops must think outside the box to maintain and expand their production capacity. At Ameritex, we’ve implemented solutions such as automated technologies and flexible assembly lines to help us stay competitive.


We view our partnership with Lone Star College as yet another solution to these challenges. The primary objective of the initiative is to make it easier for our unskilled workers to develop into highly skilled workers, which will help us retain our workforce and continuously expand our capacity to meet production demands.


If a shop helper who struggles to read drawings wants to advance into a higher-value role, they can take a class at Lone Star College. If an employee wants to learn welding quickly without waiting to learn it gradually on the shop floor, they can take a class at Lone Star College.


While we have always offered on-the-job training at Ameritex, now it’ll be much faster for an employee to break into a new area outside of their job scope—and there will be less of a burden on other internal employees to provide that training.


Investing in Our Employees Is an Investment in Our Customers 


At Ameritex, investing in our employees is just one of the many ways we invest in our customers’ satisfaction. We’re proudly committed to continuously developing a workforce equipped to provide unmatched quality and service. Request a quote from our precision sheet metal fabrication shop today