Ameritex is known for manufacturing custom fabrications that are true works of art, and one post-processing operation that helps us achieve this goal is deburring.

Gif 1 Deburring is the process of removing sharp edges and slag (i.e., molten material that builds up and hardens on workpieces) that result from laser cutting. This step serves a couple of primary purposes in precision sheet metal fabrication:

    • Deburring prepares parts for painting or powder coating. Wet paint and powder coat don’t stick well to sharp edges, so we round the edges off to ensure better adhesion.
    • Deburring prepares parts for human contact. While most internal parts don’t require deburring, any part that will come into contact with a human should undergo this process to ensure safe handling.

Like many of our metal fabrication services, our deburring processes are mostly automated at this point to guarantee optimal speed and accuracy. However, we’re always looking for newer and better solutions, so we recently installed an ARKU EdgeBreaker® 6000 to further boost our shop’s automated deburring capacity.

Benefits of the ARKU EdgeBreaker 6000 Automated Deburring Machine

Here’s a look at the two key benefits of the ARKU EdgeBreaker 6000:

Compatible with small parts

One reason we selected this machine is that it’s compatible with a range of parts that aren’t a fit for our other deburring equipment.

With the EdgeBreaker 6000, we can now deburr small parts (down to 2” x 2”) without having to rely on manual processes like grinding and sanding.

The EdgeBreaker 6000 is also a great fit for large parts—a testament to its versatility. Since the machine is conveyor-fed, there are no limits to part length, provided the width is less than 51”.

Minimal downtime 

Although automated deburring machines perform operations quickly, shops can lose significant time between jobs changing out abrasive media and cleaning out the equipment.

A major benefit of the EdgeBreaker 6000 is the ability to conduct these tasks efficiently. The inside of the machine is easy to access, allowing for fast cleaning, and the abrasive media can be changed quickly.

Thanks to the EdgeBreaker 6000, our deburring output can now keep pace with our exceptionally fast laser cutting output, eliminating what was previously a bottleneck in our precision sheet metal fabrication shop’s operations.

Happy Employees, Satisfied Customers, Optimal Efficiency 

One of Ameritex’s goals for 2023 is to continue investing in automation for the good of our employees, our customers, and our business. The EdgeBreaker 6000 helps us check all those boxes:

    • Employees are happy doing less manual, labor-intensive deburring work and reallocating their time to more fulfilling tasks
    • Customers are satisfied when they receive flawlessly deburred parts faster than before
    • Our precision sheet metal fabrication shop’s capacity to move laser-cut parts to downstream operations has improved by 30%

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