Need your custom fabrications faster than ever before? 

As part of our commitment to getting customers their orders in record time, Ameritex is excited to announce a new service we’re calling Fast Lane Parts

After working with our partners at BeehiveFund to build out this offering so that we can reduce lead times on low-volume, low-complexity sheet metal parts

We currently offer a 3-7 day standard lead time for all Fast Lane Parts projects, with the goal of slashing that lead time to just 1-2 days within one year. 

What Is a Fast Lane Part? 

At our precision sheet metal fabrication shop, we define Fast Lane Parts as parts requiring six steps or less. These custom fabrications typically involve the steps below or others: 

  1. Laser cutting 
  2. Deburring 
  3. Tapping
  4. Bending
  5. Hardware insertion (Stock hardware)
  6. Powder coat (Powder Coat requirements will result in 7 day lead time standard)

As a general rule, Fast Lane Parts must check each of these boxes: 

  • Limited part complexity  
  • The customer must provide a manufacturable 3D model for formed parts
  • The customer must provide a manufacturable 2D or 3D CAD file for flat parts
  • No welding operations 
  • No complex machining operations
  • Laser cutting time of 8 hours or less for all parts in the job  (Sheet metal along with structural and tubing)
  • In-stock materials and hardware (5052 aluminum, 6061 aluminum, A36 carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel) 
  • Material thicknesses of 18 gauge to 1” thick for carbon steel and 18 gauge to 0.5” thick for aluminum and stainless steel 

It’s important to note that if you need a material that we don’t have in stock, the lead time will increase to include the time it takes for us to receive the material. 

How Ameritex Made Fast. . . Even Faster 

We’ve taken some time the last few months to slow down and implement standardized processes at our precision sheet metal fabrication shop so that we can provide this new service successfully: 

  • Clearly identifying Fast Lane Shop jobs with colorful paperwork and travelers that make them stand out from across the shop floor 
  • Establishing cues in each department to signify when a rush job comes in 
  • Setting interdepartmental time limits for completing each step in the process 
  • Directing team members across departments to check for Fast Lane Parts jobs at designated times each day to ensure that the jobs are processed same-day 
  • Dedicating quoting resources to identifying Fast Lane Parts jobs as they come in 

Interested in using our Fast Lane Parts service for your next custom fabrication? Look for the Fast Lane designation when you request a quote

If you don’t see it, your part may not qualify as is—but hope is not yet lost! Take a look at some of our resources for reducing part complexity here, here, and here or contact us for more tips!

P.S. Yes, we can still offer an expedited option for a guaranteed 1, 2, or 3 day lead time, too! Be sure to ask about this if you do not see the option on your quote.