Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

When a skilled tradesperson executes a job to perfection, you’ll commonly hear others in the trade refer to the end result as “a work of art.” 

It could be an eye-catching new stone wall laid by a mason, a flawlessly constructed building frame erected by a carpenter, or a beautiful custom fabrication built by a precision sheet metal fabrication shop. 

In all cases, it takes a great deal of artistry to achieve an impressive result—one that may appear, to the untrained eye, to be nothing more than stones stacked in place, planks of wood nailed together, or pieces of metal cut and assembled. 

At Ameritex, we’re proud of the skill, expertise, and effort we bring to every custom fabrication project. Our works of art are what set us apart from the competition and keep our customers coming back for more.

Here is a snapshot of some of the high-quality products that have left our precision sheet metal fabrication shop and what it takes for us to achieve such excellent results. 

Laser Cut Parts with Superior Edge Quality 

Many variables are involved in laser cutting services, the biggest being material quality. We begin with a top-quality, rust-free, scale-free plate of metal purchased domestically, which helps us ensure superior edge quality right from the beginning. 

While cutting, our operators monitor the cut to maintain edge quality across the sheet. We also offer post-processing operations, such as deburring edges and grinding tabs. 

Bent Parts with No Scratches or Scuff Marks 

Need a flawless finish for your bent parts? For a slightly higher cost, we can take careful steps at the press brake to ensure that parts aren’t scratched or scuffed by the operator or the tooling that makes contact with the part. These steps include: 

  • Leaving plastic film on the parts 
  • Using protective materials on the tabletop and tooling 
  • Limiting the number of parts designated to a cart or pallet 

Showpieces with Flawless Finishes

When you need a showpiece, the finishing work on your part is the most important step.

At Ameritex, our fabricators can buff and polish stainless steel to remove almost all manufacturing blemishes. Even better, we proactively implement intelligent design practices and handle your part carefully every step of the way to prevent cosmetic issues from occurring in the first place.

Trust Ameritex for Unmatched Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

If you have a product you need to look top-notch for an upcoming show, or if you are simply aiming to have the highest-quality products on the market, reach out to Ameritex. We promise to make your product a true work of art!