One major benefit of offering so many in-house sheet metal fabrication services is that we can always use the right capability to get the job done.

While it’s no secret that our team prefers powder coating over wet paint when it comes to finishing custom fabrications, we still want to ensure that our wet paint services are top-notch. Wet paint is an excellent choice for certain applications, such as:

We recently completed the installation of a 20’ x 54’ paint booth to make our wet paint services better than ever. Read on to learn more about it! 

Benefits of Ameritex’s Paint Booth 

Most notably, the paint booth offers fast drying for even the largest custom fabrications. 

Fast drying 

Nobody likes waiting around for paint to dry—not us and not our customers. Fortunately, our  paint booth has an air makeup unit that heats the booth during cold weather to increase paint curing speeds. 

If you’ve ever done a DIY paint project at home, you know that temperature significantly affects drying time. The same applies to the paints we use for sheet metal fabrication services.

At room temperature, drying time to the touch for wet paint applications is about 4-8 hours, depending on the product we’re using. On a cold day, drying time can double or even triple. However, increasing the temperature to 100 degrees cuts the drying time in half. 

Bright and spacious 

Our paint booth has doors that open on both ends, enabling us to roll large items, such as operator cabins, enclosures, and structural weldments, in and out as required. 

It also features dozens of LED lights to ensure proper lighting, which allows our painters to provide the perfect coating for your custom fabrication. 

Request a Quote for Wet Paint Services at Ameritex 

If your custom fabrication requires wet paint, Ameritex is ready to put our paint booth to work for you. Request a quote, and we’ll be happy to review your specifications!