There are many steps involved in any manufacturing project, from submitting a quote request to receiving finished parts or products at your facility (and all the actual manufacturing operations that occur in between).

We’ve already provided our best advice regarding the quoting stage that kicks off a project (in this article on faster quoting and this article on connecting your manufacturer with your engineering team). Now, let’s shift the focus to the final stage of a project: packaging and shipping

Packaging and Shipping: Don’t Overlook this Important Step! 

At Ameritex, we produce custom fabrications of all shapes and sizes. Some of the parts we make are small enough to fit in the palm of a hand; others are what we consider extra-large sheet metal assemblies.

As you can imagine, packaging and shipping requirements and preferences vary quite considerably from project to project. And yet, when the items we fabricate are ready to leave our sheet metal fabrication shop, we’re often left guessing how a customer’s receiving department would like to receive them.

We’re happy to make these determinations ourselves. But in the interest of ensuring 100% customer satisfaction, we encourage you to share your packaging and shipping preferences with us when you request a quote—or, at the very least, when you place an order.

Packaging and Shipping Options for Custom Fabrications

Curious about what packaging and shipping options are available to you? Here’s a quick list of just some of the preferences and requirements Ameritex is more than happy to accommodate: 

  • Shipping items as kits so that your sheet metal assembly team has easy access to all the parts they need for each unit of the product 
  • Ensuring that the items you need first are strategically placed on their own pallets (or at the very top of a pallet) to streamline handling for your team 
  • Shipping items on boards, pallets (4’, 8’, 10’), or even in boxes.
  • Meeting requirements for the quantity of items per pallet or maximum pallet weight 
  • Palletizing items to avoid stacking issues or stacking items according to specific requirements to prevent damage 

Don’t see your particular preference or requirement on the list? No problem. Simply let us know what you need when you request a quote

Make Sourcing Custom Fabrications Easy 

At Ameritex, we always jump through hoops for our customers. In fact, our goal is to ensure that sourcing custom fabrications is the easiest part of your day. 

Telling us your packaging and shipping requirements up front helps us alleviate the burden on your receiving department as much as possible, so don’t overlook this important step! 

Request a quote when you’re ready, and we’ll be here to deliver a seamless manufacturing experience.