We’re so excited about our new LVD Phoenix FL-3015 fiber laser cutting machine that we can’t stop talking about it!

This 20kW large platform laser cutting machine completely revolutionizes our approach to laser cutting services. We’re excited for more of our customers to experience all that it has to offer. 

One thing that really sets this machine apart is its ability to cut thick materials quickly and with an incredibly high level of quality. 

Cutting Thick Materials with Our 20kW Laser Cutter 

Our new laser cutter is capable of cutting up to 1.5” thick steel, stainless steel, and aluminum faster than plasma or torch cutting. That means you benefit from the unparalleled quality of a laser-cut edge without compromising on speed. 

If your material is in the ⅜”-¾” thick range, we now have the option to nitrogen cut it nearly 2x faster than before. Unlike the oxidized edges produced by oxygen, plasma, or torch cutting that necessitate costly edge prep prior to welding or painting, nitrogen-cut edges have the distinct advantage of coming off the laser free of any oxidation. As a result, we can eliminate downstream operations and get you your parts faster. These edges also have notably less kerf than the oxygen-cut edges we have previously seen on thick plate material. 

But wait, there’s more! This innovative technology also takes the place of drilling. We can laser cut holes less than half the material thickness instead of drilling them. 

With all this improved efficiency, our capacity for laser-cut parts will significantly increase, allowing us to support more customers and offer expedited lead times for laser cut parts.

Don’t Forget to Nest Your Parts! 

Quick tip: when requesting a quote for laser cutting services, ask for the nested price. By combining a group of parts of similar material and thickness on a sheet of metal, we can use as much of the sheet’s surface as possible, saving you money on your order. 

Read more about the requirements for receiving a nested price for laser cutting services.

When you need laser cut parts—thick or thin—Ameritex has you covered. Reach out for a quote and put our new 20kW laser cutter to work for your project.