High Power Fiber Laser

At Ameritex, we’re committed to providing superior metal fabrication services to our customers. One way we deliver on this promise is by using the latest and greatest equipment to process your parts. 

We recently completed the installation of an LVD Phoenix FL-4020 fiber laser cutting machine and are in the process of installing its TAS automation, and we’re excited to tell you (and show you!) how this machine levels up our laser cutting services. 

What Can Our High-Powered Fiber Laser Cut? 

This 20kW large platform laser cutting machine has enough power to cut thick materials previously reserved for cutting processes like plasma cutting, flame cutting, and waterjet cutting that aren’t quite as accurate. Here’s what our powerhouse machine can cut: 

  • 1.5” thick carbon steel materials. Small parts made of thick carbon steel materials can be difficult to cut on plasma or flame cutting tables. Now, we can process those parts efficiently using laser cutting services. As a bonus, the processing speed is much faster than waterjet cutting speeds for this thickness range.
  • ¾” thick carbon steel plate. The impressive power of the Phoenix FL-4020 enables us to nitrogen-cut up to ¾” thick carbon steel plate at speeds faster than a plasma table while maintaining the incredible accuracy of a laser. This thickness is common in our sheet metal fabrication shop, and we anticipate being able to double our capacity for cutting these kinds of parts.
  • Small holes, notches, tabs, and laser etchings. Features that were once added to thick plate parts downstream can now be completed easily with laser cutting services. 

Did we mention just how quickly this machine gets the job done? Cutting speeds with our 20kW laser cutter are about 50% faster than the 10kW. 

Get Your Thick Parts Laser Cut at Ameritex 

Fiber Laser

Do you have custom fabrications up to 1.5” thick that could benefit from the unparalleled accuracy of laser cutting? We commonly cut thick parts for the construction, oil and gas, and renewables industries, and we’re always up for whatever new and exciting challenge customers throw our way. 

Request a quote today to put our world-class equipment to work for your project.