We talk a lot about our tube laser cutting services here at Ameritex, but the term “tube laser cutting” is a bit deceptive. 

The fact is that our BLM Group LT8.20 tube laser cutter can laser cut angle, channel, and pipe in addition to basic tubing profiles. It can even cut custom extrusions with incredible speed and precision. 

If you’re struggling to keep up with demand for structural parts and assemblies or tired of waiting for your saws and drills to slowly get the job done, come to us, and we’ll put our tube laser cutting services to work for you. 

Why Laser Cut Angle, Channel, Tubing, and Pipe? 

Tube laser cutting

Saw cutting is a satisfactory solution for simple cuts extending across a profile. But it’s incapable of producing the limitless custom shapes and features that tube laser cutting services can accurately achieve. 

Tube laser cutting’s impressive versatility and precision aren’t the only benefits that set it apart, though. This automated process boasts unparalleled speed. Our LT8.20, in particular, is a cut above the competition (pun intended), allowing us to cut parts at least 30% faster than before. 

The bottom line is that when you need a fast and accurate solution for laser cutting angle, channel, tubing, and pipe, you need tube laser cutting services. 

How to Get Laser Cut Parts Quickly and Cost-Effectively 

Interested in having Ameritex laser cut angle, channel, tubing, or pipe for you? Here’s what we need to get you our best pricing fast: 

  • A list of part numbers and quantities with material callouts (i.e., a bill of materials) 
  • 3D models of your assembly or individual parts (e.g., SOLIDWORKS files, STEP files, IGES files, X_T files, or Inventor files) 
  • The required deadline for your parts

Tip 1: Ask for a nested price

If you plan to purchase a full group of parts at the same time from the same shop, ask for a nested price to share costs across parts and save money. We’ll nest parts of similar material and thickness strategically on a sheet of material to reduce costs associated with material usage and setup.

Tip 2: Submit a blanket order 

If you have a large volume of parts that you need periodically throughout the year, clarify that you’re submitting a blanket order and that your delivery dates are flexible. We’ll work on your parts when we have downtime in our schedule and adjust our pricing accordingly to charge you a lower rate. 

You can also save time and money by optimizing your part designs for tube laser cutting services—view three helpful best practices here

When you need a shop to laser cut angle, channel, tubing, and pipe, you can count on Ameritex to deliver. Request a quote today, and we’ll respond within 24 hours.