Is your fabrication shop looking to save time cutting structural parts for an assembly? 

Laser cut structural part kit

Ameritex has just the service you need. 

While we build complete assemblies for many of our customers, we realize that some of the fabrication shops we collaborate with have welders and assembly teams on staff and don’t need to outsource full assemblies. 

In these cases, we offer tube laser cutting services for structural parts and can provide packaged kits ready for welding or assembly with all the cutting, drilling, and weld bevels already done for you. 

Don’t Have a Tube Laser Cutter In-House? Send Your Parts to Ameritex 

Structural weldments are becoming increasingly challenging to fabricate as engineers model tubing at complex angles and design assemblies where materials of varying thicknesses meet up in one location. The odd-angled cuts required to build these parts are difficult to achieve using a conventional saw. 

Additionally, parts may have holes for hardware, wireways, lighting, and other components that turn a simple weldment into one that takes days to cut and drill manually. 

A tube laser cutter can get the job done much faster than a saw and drill. 

Even cutting simple parts can be a slow process without tube laser cutting services. We have one customer whose structural parts are just cut to length with a hole through both sides, nothing too complicated. They could make those parts in their shop using a saw and drill—or they could send them to us, and we could get them done on our tube laser cutter hassle free and even add locator tabs to make the welding fit up easier. 

Let our advanced tube laser cutting technology save you countless hours so that you can focus on what you do best: welding and assembling the parts to build the end product. 

Tube Laser Cutting Improves Speed, Accuracy, and Weldability  

Laser cut structural part kit

There are many benefits to using tube laser cutting services for structural parts. Speed is a big one—and Ameritex more than delivers in that arena. Our LT8.20 tube laser cutter is so fast that we can now cut parts at least 30% quicker than before. That means you get laser cut structural part kits on your dock ASAP and can reduce lead times for your customers. 

Tube laser cutting is also a highly precise and versatile process ideal for cutting complex parts and blazing through simple processes like coping the ends of pipe. We’re not limited to 45 or 90-degree cuts—we can cut any type of shape into the end of a tube. Our LT8.20 uses Active Tools technology to detect distortion and center cuts for utmost accuracy and consistency. 

Leveraging tube laser cutting services can even streamline your in-house welding and assembly processes. We can perform tabbing operations to mark locations for welders and pre-cut precise holes for fasteners. 

If you’d like to explore having Ameritex cut the parts for your assembly, don’t hesitate to reach out. We regularly provide this service for customers who make products like guardrails, bolt-together structural assemblies, signage, and more. We’ll review your design with you and help you optimize it for tube laser cutting services. Contact us today to start the conversation.