We’re back with another installment of our Product Highlight series, where we feature custom fabrications we commonly build at Ameritex. We recently spotlighted sheet metal fabricated tanks and structural fabricated racks, so be sure to check out those blogs if you didn’t catch them already. 

Today, let’s take a deep dive into sheet metal fabricated buildings and containers—frequently used as analyzer shelters, generator enclosures, E houses for MCC and Switchgear enclosures, battery storage containers, work shops and more.

We build these custom fabrications for customers in several industries and are happy to break down our standard offerings. 

Sheet Metal Fabrications for Oil and Gas

What’s Houston without oil? Many oil and gas companies come to Ameritex for heavy fabrication. Here are some of the buildings and containers we make for these customers: 

  • Industrial control houses or E Houses. These enclosures protect electrical equipment used for various purposes such as running a refinery or pipeline, they are used at power substations as well to protect low to medium voltage electronics.
Buildings and Containers
  • LER and PCR modules. Local Equipment Rooms (LERs) and Power Control Rooms (PCRs) are powerhouses that control drilling rigs. These buildings serve as a location for operators’ cabins and house critical equipment.
  • Analyzer shelters. Found at pipelines and refineries, analyzer shelters store the equipment used to sample oil or other chemicals to determine if they’re up to spec. 

Sheet Metal Fabricated Buildings and Containers for Renewable Energy 

Many solar and renewable energy customers trust Ameritex for their custom fabrications

In the context of buildings and containers specifically, we regularly make custom battery storage units for renewables and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems. These modified custom shipping containers house backup batteries for massive server systems. The batteries provide a short but crucial function: they bridge the 15-second gap between servers going down and backup generators kicking on.

Sheet Metal Fabricated Containers for Hemp Production 

There’s enormous demand right now for buildings and containers in the hemp production industry, and Ameritex offers the solutions these companies need. We can make modified custom shipping containers used as grow solutions for cultivators needing to control the elements. Our interlocking wall panel buildings can also be used in place of these containers. 

Come to Ameritex for Sheet Metal Fabricated Buildings and Containers 

Didn’t see the specific building or container you were looking for? Don’t worry—we can build virtually anything you need. As we like to say, “If it’s made out of metal, we can make it.” 

These custom fabrications may not look fancy, but they’re more than just big boxes. They store—and in some cases integrate with—sensitive components, and many of them must adhere to strict standards. At Ameritex, we understand the nuances of sheet metal fabricated buildings and containers, which is why so many customers trust us for these products. 

If you want metal fabrication services from a shop that will jump through hoops to get you what you need, request a quote to work with us!