Structural parts

Curious if Ameritex can cut your structural part? 

You’ve come to the right place. We’re reviewing the capabilities of our saw cutting and tube laser cutting services in today’s blog and providing you with a quick reference guide to keep in your back pocket (or bookmarked on your internet browser). 

What Is a Structural Part? 

When people think about structural parts, some think of angle, beam or channel, while others think of tubing, pipe or other profiles. At Ameritex, we consider structural processing to include all of the above. We routinely cut structural parts with many different profiles, including angles, channels, W-beams, pipe, flat bar, and custom extrusions. You may hear us use the name “tube laser” or “structural laser” interchangeably, just know they can process linear profiles of all types!

Saw Cutting and Tube Laser Cutting Services for Structural Parts 

We offer both saw cutting and tube laser cutting services at our Texas facility. (If you haven’t already, check out what our brand new LT8.20 tube laser cutter can do!)

During the saw cutting process, a blade consisting of small teeth moves across the surface of the material to remove chips of metal. It is extremely efficient for simple cuts that go all the way across the profile. Tube laser cutting involves using a laser and assist gas to melt and remove material as required.

Saw cutters are incapable of achieving the unlimited number of shapes and features that a tube laser can cut, so when your part has more than just an angular cut on the end, the tube laser is likely the correct process.

Ameritex’s Saw Cutting and Tube Laser Cutting Capabilities

Still wondering if we can cut your structural part? Here’s a quick reference guide for our saw cutting and tube laser cutting capabilities. 

Saw cutting capabilities: 

  • Cuts up to 15-inch profiles at multiple angles; all CNC programmed for consistent cuts
  • Cut parts up to 40 feet long 
  • Any linear profile (Angle, channel, tubing, pipe, beam, extrusions, flat bar)

Laser cutting capabilities: 

  • Cut parts up to 27 pounds per foot and 27 feet long 
  • Cut angles up to 8” x 8”, channels up to size C8, I-beams up to 8” x 8”, pipe up to 9” diameter, and square tubing up to 8” 

If your structural part fits this criteria, or if you have a custom shape you’d like us to take a look at, we’re here to help. Request a quote for saw cutting or tube laser cutting services and we’ll do whatever it takes to get you the part you need.