Raise your hand if pickups are a major source of frustration for you! You know how it goes. . .

Your precision sheet metal fabrication shop calls to let you know that your custom fabrications are ready for pickup. You go through the hassle of scheduling a truck—or maybe you send one of your own trucks out. The driver makes the 90-minute drive, only to arrive at the fabricator and discover that their trailer can’t accommodate the large and oddly shaped parts. 

Even if they can get the parts to fit, it takes another 90 minutes to stack the parts just right, wait on the forklift to load the truck, and finally get back on the road. 

When you’re on a tight deadline, you don’t have the time or resources to deal with pickup-related frustrations. You need your custom fabrications fast and that means getting them to your door quickly and easily. 

If you’re tired of having to coordinate pickups when your custom fabrications are ready at the shop, Ameritex has you covered with our convenient delivery service. 

Unlike some other precision sheet metal fabrication shops, we can bring your parts directly to your door. 

About Ameritex’s Delivery Service 

Delivery Service

At Ameritex, we don’t mind jumping through hoops to get our customers the parts they need. We knew that pickups are a huge source of frustration for our customers, so we wanted to offer an alternative solution. 

The custom fabrications we make for our customers are often large, low-volume parts or complex assemblies. In other words, not the kind of parts that can easily fit in the back of just any truck. 

So we invested in two trucks of our own. We send our trucks out twice each weekday to deliver local shipments within a 75-mile radius. We’re also happy to arrange third-party freight delivery for customers outside our delivery area. 

Benefits of Ameritex’s Delivery Service 

In addition to the convenience factor, there are a few major benefits to our delivery service: 

  • Careful handling. How many times have your parts arrived damaged? Too many, probably. Most truck drivers will throw a strap across a part and crank it tight, potentially damaging a thin piece of sheet metal or a beautifully painted surface. Since we’re the ones who build the parts, we know how to handle them with care. And in the event that a part does become damaged, we can get right on top of replacing it.
  • Expert packaging. Packaging custom fabrications is more challenging than you might think. With so many parts of varying shapes, sizes, and weights to account for, it’s important to package them strategically to maximize space in the truck and ensure a smooth ride. We package these parts every day, so we know exactly what’s needed to keep your parts safe. If it’s something new, talk to us about your expectations and we can make sure everything is packaged as you require!
  • Familiar faces. When you coordinate a third-party delivery, you have no idea who the driver is or how to get in direct contact with them when needed. With Ameritex’s delivery service, you’ll get to know the drivers bringing you your custom fabrications, and you’ll be able to reach our team easily if there’s an issue. 

The best part is, we’ll always be honest and transparent if there’s a more economical way to deliver your parts. If your parts can be boxed or palletized, for example, we may explore another option like UPS or FedEx, saving you money in the process. But at the end of the day, the convenience of our delivery service is worth the cost to most of our customers and keeps us truckin’ day in and day out!

Next time you need a custom fabrication, come to the precision sheet metal fabrication shop that’s always willing to go above and beyond for you. Request a quote from Ameritex today!