When you go to a sheet metal fabrication shop for a complex assembly, chances are at least one part in the assembly (e.g. a threaded bar, a bushing, a custom latching mechanism) will require CNC machining


In most cases, customers buy those types of parts from a machine shop and send them to the fabrication shop, where the fabricators weld the parts onto the assembly. Sometimes customers rely on the fabrication shop to outsource those parts to a machine shop on their behalf. Either way, a third party is added to the mix—a new variable that puts cost, quality, and lead time at risk.

At Ameritex, we do things differently. We offer milling and turning services at our Texas facility so that we can build every single part of your assembly under one roof. 

CNC Machining Capabilities Help Ameritex Fabricate Better Assemblies 

Our CNC machining centers allow us to fabricate assemblies outside the scope of a standard precision sheet metal fabrication shop. We machine parts like threaded bars, tapped and bored tubing, bushings, custom latching mechanisms, and all sorts of custom fittings from materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. 

Making these parts in-house gives us full ownership of the working assembly. Rather than machining parts exclusively to print like a third-party machine shop would, we can make recommendations and modify parts as needed to get the assembly right the first time. 

We prefer having full ownership of an assembly because ultimately we’re the ones responsible for its functionality. In most cases, our team tests and verifies a full working assembly before painting or powder-coating it and shipping out to the customer. (That said, if you would rather receive an assembly loose so you can conduct your own functionality check, we’re happy to accommodate your preference.)

Ultimately, our supplemental CNC machining capabilities streamline project management, reduce back and forth, and guarantee perfectly mated parts, all while keeping timelines on track. 

As we like to say, “if it’s made from metal, we can make it.” CNC machining is a major piece of that puzzle, so Ameritex is proud to offer these capabilities in addition to our metal fabrication services. 

Want to get your next custom sheet metal assembly fabricated under one roof? Send it to us. Request a quote today!