One of our driving forces here at Ameritex is to deliver precision sheet metal fabrications to our customers in record time. We have the experienced personnel and the advanced technology to make it happen. 

We’re always looking for innovative ways to improve quality and reduce lead times. Recently, we partnered with BeehiveFund to implement lean manufacturing principles and practices. Now, we’re excited to share that we invested in a new suite of software to get you your parts faster than ever before.

What Is CADMAN Software? 

The CADMAN software suite streamlines the entire sheet metal fabrication process (order entry, programming, scheduling, laser cutting, and bending) to improve efficiency and productivity. 

There are different pieces of programming software that make up the suite. Here’s a quick overview of each one: 

Photo courtesy of CADMAN
  • CADMAN-B: Creates complex bends and generates accurate flat pattern layouts. 
  • CADMAN-L: Automates nesting and optimizes laser cutting. 
  • CADMAN-P: Simplifies complex punching, forming, bending, and tapping. 
  • CADMAN-JOB: Connects the front office with the shop floor to streamline operations.
  • TOUCH-I4: Provides real-time insight into the daily operations on the shop floor. 
  • CADMAN-SDI: Makes it faster and easier to generate estimates from imported CAD files.

How CADMAN Software Benefits Our Customers 

Now that you know what the CADMAN software suite does, let’s take a look at how it helps us improve lead times for customers: 

  • Use material more efficiently. Nesting, or fitting multiple parts onto one piece of raw material, is a standard process in precision sheet metal fabrication. Not only does it reduce material waste, but it also gets parts made faster. CADMAN software automates nesting so we can use material more efficiently than ever.
  • Streamline the front office. Before implementing CADMAN software, we had to manually process every piece of information accompanying a new order, which slowed us down. Now, as soon as an order goes in, it’s on the schedule to be cut and our programmers can see the models almost instantaneously. The database manages itself—so we don’t have to.
  • Get parts onto the shop floor faster. Assuming there are no design issues with the models we receive, each order flows through our automated process quickly and easily. If there is a problem with a design, our team members now have more bandwidth to make critical adjustments because they don’t have to dedicate time to every part.
  • Minimize human error. With human intervention comes the inevitability of errors. Automating our sheet metal fabrication process helps us minimize human error from order entry all the way through bending. Our customers receive the highest quality custom fabrications at lightning speeds. 

Next time you need sheet metal fabrication services, come to Ameritex. Our experience, technology, and dedication won’t let you down. Request a quote today and let us show you what we’re capable of!