Looking for a quick quote for your precision sheet metal fabrication? 

At Ameritex, we’re committed to providing customers with custom fabrications in a fraction of the time. 

Guaranteeing a fast turn-around always begins during the quoting process. We respond to all quote requests within 24 hours so you’re never left waiting around to hear from us. 

To help us complete your quote as soon as possible, we compiled a list of 5 details to include in your initial quote. 

What to Include in Your Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Quote 

Next time you submit a quote for sheet metal fabrication services, be sure to include this information: 

  1. A 3D model and the right accompanying files. We encourage customers to provide a 3D model during the quoting process whenever possible. If you’re requesting a quote for an assembly, include a STEP or IGES file in addition to a native file. That way we’ll be able to access all the detailed information we need and make changes quickly if required.
  2. Material type and thickness. Because the material options are pretty straightforward for custom fabrications, it’s all too easy for engineers to forget to include this information. When in doubt, assume we don’t know the material type and thickness, and include it in your initial quote.
  3. Welding, tight tolerances, and tapped holes. 3D models are immensely useful. But they don’t always include all the details a precision sheet metal fabrication shop needs to know. If your part has welding, tight tolerances, or tapped holes, include a PDF drawing to accompany your model, or simply make a note specifying this information. You don’t have to provide anything fancy. As long as we have the important details, that’s all that matters.
  4. Finishing requirements. Fun fact: Nearly 20% of our re-quotes involve changing finishing types. We don’t want to waste your time providing a quote three times that we could have done once. If you’re looking for a price comparison, just let us know up front! We can likely make recommendations to save you time, money, and the hassle of going back and forth multiple times.
  5. Delivery vs. pickup. Whether you prefer to pick up your custom fabrication or have us deliver it straight to your door, let us know. If you’re taking advantage of our convenient shipping service, specify the delivery address to minimize logistical issues. Warehouse locations are often different from an engineer’s office location, and we want to get your parts to the right place as quickly as possible.

Need sheet metal fabrication services for your next project? We’ll always jump through hoops to get you the parts you need. Get a quote from Ameritex today!