When control systems integrators need an electrical enclosure with cutouts, they have a couple of options: 

Option 1: Buy a standard off-the-shelf enclosure without cutouts and pay the line workers in their shop to punch the holes after the fact. 

Option 2: Get a custom enclosure from a precision sheet metal fabrication shop that will laser cut the holes for them. 

The prevailing wisdom among control systems integrators is that Option 1 is more cost-effective. And it’s true that you can get an off-the-shelf enclosure that’s relatively inexpensive. But when you add in the cost of your labor and the high risk of error that comes with punching holes in your own shop, it becomes clear that Option 2 is the better overall investment, especially as quantities increase. 

Benefits of Getting a Custom Electrical Enclosure with Premade Cutouts

There are many benefits to getting a custom electrical enclosure with premade cutouts. Here are a few: 

  • High-precision cuts. Instead of punching holes to make cutouts, we use our automated fiber lasers.  Laser cut holes are much more precise than punched holes.
electrical enclosures
  • No exposed edges or surfaces. If you punch holes in an off-the-shelf electrical enclosure, you may end up with raw metal edges or exposed surfaces that can rust. But if you get a custom electrical enclosure from Ameritex, we’ll apply a corrosion-resistant coating to the material after cutting the holes to protect all edges and surfaces.
  • Low risk of error. If one of your line workers has ever punched a hole in the wrong location on a standard enclosure, you know how much of a hassle it is to get it fixed. We have customers contacting us all the time in need of cover plates with the correct hole size to fix these mistakes. Let us custom make your enclosure and we’ll get it right the first time!
  • Easy repeatability. Following your initial design investment for a custom electrical enclosure, we can remake the same product for you as many times as you need it. This benefit allows our customers to standardize and streamline their own installation processes because they already know exactly where all the components are going to mount. 

Next time you need an electrical enclosure, rely on Ameritex to custom make it for you. You’ll be pleased to find that it’s a much better investment than buying an off-the-shelf electrical enclosure and punching your own holes. 
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