When it comes to finishing operations for custom metal fabrications, powder coating can be an effective alternative to wet paint.

The powder coating process, which involves electrostatically applying a dry powder to the surface of a part and then curing it in an oven to set it in place, is used for everything from residential appliances to automotive customizations. The end result is a durable, hard finish comparable to wet paint—with a few added benefits.

While wet paint was once the obvious choice for finishing a part, powder coating has become increasingly popular over the years. Here’s why we prefer powder coating at our precision sheet metal fabrication shop.

Benefits of Powder Coating Sheet Metal Fabricated Parts

  • Fast turnaround time. Who likes waiting for paint to dry? Not us—and not our customers. With powder coating, we simply apply a dry coat of powder, place the part in a high-temperature oven to set, and take it out fully dry. After a brief cooldown period, the part is ready to be packed up and shipped out.
  • Environmentally friendly materials. With no VOCs or caustic elements, powder coating materials are a greener alternative to wet paint. The low-waste powder makes for easy disposal, too.
  • Durable. Powder coating won’t last forever, but coat for coat, it’s more durable than wet paint. If your product previously had two coats of paint, you’ll get better staying power from two layers of powder coating.

There are of course some applications where wet paint is the best option—and we’re committed to doing what’s best for our customers in these instances.

With offshore and coastal applications where saltwater corrosion is a major concern, for example, we can layer on wet paint more easily than powder coating for optimal corrosion resistance. (A powder coat primer followed by a top layer of powder coating is always an option, too!) Powder coating also isn’t ideal for parts that have lots of nooks and crannies; dipping operations like galvanizing or anodizing are often a better choice for finishing those types of parts.

Are you interested in having your custom fabrications powder coated? Include powder coating in your initial design so we can get right to work! Ameritex does all our powder coating in-house so you never have to worry about supply chain interruptions.

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