A large part of manufacturing a piece of unique technology is hardware installation. How will you get those tiny screws into your product carefully and accurately? We have extensive machines and qualified experts who know how to pay attention to detail and get the job done right in an impressive amount of time.

Quick Turnarounds

When it comes to AmeriTex, we always put our clients first. If you need a project done in a short amount of time, we have sympathy for that and will do everything we can to get it done. We will complete your project, not only on time, but in the right way.

We can guarantee fast turnaround time because we are just as passionate about your project as you are! Talk to our team today to get excited about your hardware installation project.

What Our Service Entail

After working in the hardware industry for over 15 years, we know what we need to do to get a hardware insertion done the right way with minimal risks and maximum success.

  • Self-Clinching Nuts, Studs, & Screws.
    We accurately and carefully place small, yet essential pieces into your hardware systems, keeping every detail in check.
  • Auto-Feed & Color-Coded Touch Screens.
    Our priority is getting the job done right the first time. We have created a process with limited risks and increased accuracy.
  • Simple Operator Instructions & Guidance.
    Our hardware insertion system provides quality control and easy operation, showing the operator exactly where to install each fastener.

Get a Hardware Installation Quote

Are you ready to create your hardware additions the right way with the right technology? We are your partners in hardware insertion and we are looking forward to providing you with fast, detailed services.

Submit a quote online, email sales@ameritexllc.com, or give us a call! We will have you a custom quote within 24hrs!