You probably have products around your house that you haven’t thought about being laser cutting projects. From clocks to coasters, laser cutting is a revolutionary way to create detailed, beautiful objects. You can use these for household use or decoration.

Some of our favorite laser cutting projects include the following. Hopefully this opens your eyes to the possibilities of laser cutting technology.

Top Laser Cutting Projects

  1. Clocks. Whether your clock is made of wood or metal, it might have been designed with a laser cutting tool for precise patterns and beautiful detail.
  2. Coasters. Laser cutting can help you create useful and beautiful designs out of wood, felt, or cork board to protect your tabletops in style.
  3. Wall Art. Because we are people who like to create a living space that matches our unique personality, creating your wall art is a fantastic way to lighten up a room!
  4. Jewelry. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating jewelry with laser cutting tools. From earrings to bracelets and everything in between, you can create some neat pieces.
  5. Electronic Enclosures. If you are a computer guru or a guru of some other electronic device, laser cutting just became your best friend. Give your computer hardware impressive cases you will love. Laser cutting a cover for your hardware doesn’t just look great, but it can also provide quality protection.
  6. Shoes. Have you ever thought about how those intricate designs got onto those leather shoes? It is incredible the shapes and patterns you can make out of a pair of shoes. Instead of sticking to the ordinary, bulk-made shoes, why not try something new and unique? Shoes can be awesome conversation starters, especially when touched by a high-quality laser cutter.
  7. Bookmarks. There is nothing classier than an engraved, wooden bookmark. See more examples here.

We are all about bringing new things the table, sometimes literally with laser cut coasters and more. Give us a call at (936) 228-5070 to learn more.