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Ameritex Fabrication & Machining is proud to offer in-house precision laser welding capabilities to meet your custom metal fabrication needs. We continually invest in the most advanced equipment to bring you the best precision laser welding services available.

If you are looking for accurate and consistent welds with unparalleled turnaround time, laser welding is the right choice for your project. This precise technology provides solutions for many industries including the infrastructure, electric, and oilfield industries.

When you need consistent, accurate, and fast laser welding services, Ameritex is your one-stop shop. Request a quote today using our secure quoting platform and we will respond within 24 hours. You can trust us with your next precision laser welding project.


Laser welding can easily mix and match dissimilar metals. unlike traditional welding techniques. Plus it are safe to use on reflective materials, like aluminum.

Ease of Use

Laser welding is significantly easier to learn and perform than traditional welding—all one needs is a steady hand to deliver consistent results.


Weld defects are common with traditional methods but not with laser welding. This innovative technique provides smooth and consistent welds every time. 


Laser welding is 4x faster than TIG welding, and requires minimal setups and post-processing, allowing us to turn parts around much more quickly. 


Ameritex can assemble your sheet metal parts in-house with accurate results. We have an extensive range of capabilities to get your project completed fast.


Whether it's powder coating or wet paint applications, send us your finishing requirement and we will find a way to be your one-stop shop!

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Customer Testimonials

"I have had nothing but positive experiences with Ameritex. The staff is knowledgeable, the prices are fair, the customer service is great, and the quality is excellent. If you are in the north Houston area and need to have something water-jetted, fabricated, milled, etc., you should really give these guys a call."

-Mechanical Engineer, Electronics Industry